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The holiday period provides an excellent opportunity to reassess goals and career aspirations. Perhaps it is time for you to seriously consider a real change to your life? Why not Oman, Dubai or Shanghai – all featured this month. If you want something somewhat closer to home why not look at the salaried management roles within the UK as outlined in our Stop Press item. Meanwhile, For those in management I have included short pieces on Candidate Selection and the three “I”s of successful management – I hope you find them worthwhile. And, of course, we continue our series of articles on “Successful Selling”. Enjoy your read… and your holidays!

1.    Expat Living - Spotlight on Oman.
2.    Successful Selling - Common traits.
3.    Candidate Selection - Do people change?
4.    Successful Management
5.    Dubai - Job of the Month.
6.    Shanghai - Alison Bayliss' Choice.
7.    STOP PRESS - UK salaried management role.
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Spotlight on Oman

Oman has a population of around 3 million, of which approximately one-third are foreigners. Expats are heavily represented in the private sector whereas most Omani nationals tend to be employed in the public sector where pay is better and working hours shorter. But Oman is not as financially strong as other oil-exporting Gulf nations and the government there is keen to move more Omani nationals into the private sector. Despite this, there was a 16% rise in foreigners filling private sector jobs in 2012 while local unemployment rates have lingered at around 20%.

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Successful Selling #3

Whether they are selling automobiles or aeroplanes; houses or boats; wall-paper or wills; life assurance or investments; advice or products, successful salespeople have common characteristics and traits that make them great (and very wealthy). It actually doesn’t matter what the product or service is, these characteristics, habits, and traits are present with all great salespeople.

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Candidate Selection Rule #1

There is a school of thought - led mainly by uneducated peddlers of success - which maintains that people can change, that it is possible for someone, after 30 years (or ten thousand eight hundred and fifty days) of mediocrity to suddenly burst forth as a new person. This is folklore...

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Successful Management Tips

In 1981, Brian attended his first management training session. He was fortunate to spend this particular week with a man named Robert Jackson who had spent most of his working life in sales management...

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Salaried Management Roles in the UK

A blue-chip UK-based client requires suitable candidates for management roles across the UK (including London). Salaries will range from £40k to £65k depending on entry grade with OTE at £80k - £120k. Car allowance also provided. Top quality level 4 CSS Candidates only. Interested?


Job of the month - Dubai

An opportunity for experienced financial advisers to join this vibrant team of young, ambitious professionals based in Dubai. For the right candidates, financial support will be considered. This is one of the most respected IFA organisations in the international marketplace.

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Alison's Choice:

When we asked one of our Recruitment Consultants, Alison Bayliss, for her choice of the opportunities on offer right now with she immediately plumped for Business Development Coordinator - Shanghai.

Alison explains…

“I enjoy recruiting for this role - it offers young, ambitious sales professionals an opportunity to work for a highly professional company: actually, the largest international IFA organisation in China. And for those who seize the opportunity, what an adventure lies ahead!

Shanghai is the biggest and most stylish City in China, attracting visitors from around the world. It has been called the Paris of the East and China’s New York. It offers stylish restaurants, quality cuisine and a colourful nightlife. Nightclubs and bars are always booming, with a choice of live rock and jazz. Their dance club scene attracts DJ’s from around the world. Shanghai has always had a healthy cultural scene with cinemas showing foreign and Chinese films, theatres featuring opera, dance, drama and acrobatics.

This is an opportunity for a sales professional to have the experience of a lifetime within an entirely new culture and lifestyle; to work in a job where you will be rewarded for your efforts; and with the potential to advance to “trainee IFA”. Opening a new door for the future! "

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