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The sensational indie game that lets players build to the limits of their wildest imaginations is launching on Steam Early Access this December!  

November 26,2013 - FortressCraft Evolved will be hitting Steam’s Early Access in December 2013.  The original FortressCraft was released on the Xbox 360 in 2011 and became one of the best-selling Xbox downloadable games of all time.  The newest version - FortressCraft Evolved - has been recreated from the ground up in Unity to produce a new, more powerful experience in creative world building.  Having learned much from their Xbox Live Indie Game success, the developers at ProjectorGames are busy building excitement among the community who are creatively sharing their constructions with wild enthusiasm.

With added flexibility and variety for the players, in addition to a host of new features, the Creative Mode allows large builds to be made much more quickly, directly and easily then duplicated and tweaked, and shared with other users effortlessly. All this alongside the world-class voxel building experience that gamers have come to expect.

FortressCraft Evolved includes a host of new features and functionality, which will provide players with the flexibility, variety and detail to realize their wildest worlds. The creative tools will enable users to design and implement magnificent creations, in a quick and intuitive fashion.

Adam Sawkins, the creator of FortressCraft, says “It's not about challenges or making things difficult for the player, or requiring them to have enormous amounts of time, it's about enabling your typical gamer to produce mind-blowing epic content, without having to sacrifice their social life!"

Get in on the Steam Early Access program and join the Evolution at a special discounted price!  As new phases and new platforms become available, including Mac and Linux versions, the cost of access will gradually increase up to its final retail price and official launch.  By getting in early, your discounted price will allow you to have the best building tools for the lowest price as well as receiving all the milestones and content patches for free.  

Please be aware that being in Early Access means the game is still in development. As such the developers will be continually adding features and content, as well as fixing bugs. This also means that you get to be a part of the community, interact with the developers and build your dream worlds as you help craft what becomes the final release of the game!


  • Create the largest voxel based worlds ever seen in any computer game EVER

  • Huge draw distance

  • Controllable weather events

  • Full day and night cycle

  • Full seasonal weather system

  • Cascaded shadows and unlimited light resources

  • Easy to use UI

  • Bump Mapped Terrain

  • “Build to Me” Feature

  • “Megagrab” screenshot mode

  • Editable Signposts

  • Animated high resolution detail blocks

  • Sharable Detail Library

  • Steam Workshop support

  • Super Build Tools

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