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Ghost Kitchens are creeping up everywhere these days, but don't let the name scare you.  Ghost Kitchens (also referred to as virtual dining kitchens or cloud kitchens) are facilities where restaurants can prepare food in unbranded, industrial kitchens that make entering new markets more efficient, since full restaurant staff and build outs aren't part of the scope.  With more delivery services now paying for media placement, we're curious to learn more about what ghost kitchens may mean for the future of food advertising, so we went straight to the source to learn more.

We had the pleasure of discussing our questions with Susi Graf, the Marketing Director at Ghost Kitchen Brands.  Their fleet of kitchens dish out items from 25 brands, many of them household names. Some are delivery only and some offer dine-in and take-out options as well. 

In speaking with Graf, we asked how she felt that legacy QSR brands may be affected by this new dining structure. And it seems Ghost Kitchens are leveling the playing field a bit as this new dining structure lowers the barrier of entry for new businesses and opens up new opportunities for long established QSR brands. 

So what changes in advertising, if any, can we anticipate with these new dining platforms?  Graf noted that "social media holds great potential for all restaurant concepts. Some virtual dining brands have become masters in this. They are creating their own rules and gaining followers has proven to be more effective than just gaining the listeners or viewers of traditional advertising. It’s the engagement of consumers in the brands that is noteworthy and lucrative. We do believe there is a place for all means of advertising, and particularly when concepts are combined through collaborations."

What we find interesting about this insight is that this supports the idea that more traditional forms of advertising will continue to take cues from social media, such as Applebee's recent "Fancy Like" spot, which tapped into the TikTok dance sensation for Walker Hayes' song of the same name.  Perhaps we will see this influence express itself in other ways.  Maybe the editing of macro food shots might take-on more of that quick pacing that has become the norm for TikTok recipe videos.  On the flip side, we've also seen standard tabletop conventions influence TikTok videos, as influencers dream up creative and scrappy ways to recreate the dynamic camera movements and slowmo cinematography that is so popular within our industry.  We look forward to seeing how our medium will continue to evolve with these changing systems, and we'd love to hear your thoughts!  If you'd like to share your predictions, please reach out to us here!
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