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Spring is finally here! The season of renewal and rejuvenation! To celebrate, we explored ancient grilling traditions, looked into the origins of joyous gospel music and reflected on our relationship with the earth. We've also been preparing for a dynamic AntiquityNOW Month in May. Follow us on Twitter for the latest updates.
Music and Mysticism
Evoking a Higher Power

Through the centuries many forms of music have arisen out of mystical or spiritual ardor: Indian ragas, Japanese Shinto music, Madih nabawi or Arabic hymns, the classic liturgical anthems of European and American gospel.  Whether by the pounding of drums or the sonorous stones of Stonehenge or the arpeggios echoing against ancient cathedral walls, worship through music has defined civilizations from early times.  What is this power in music that moves humans to seek their deities in notes, rhythms and sounds? Read more of this two-part investigation.
Bon Appetit Wednesday!
Recipes with a Past

Springtime means strawberries are ripe for the picking! Try this ancient recipe for savory strawberry soup. Too bold for you? Try a new twist on a timeless favorite - Grilled Cheese! Did you know that cheese has been enjoyed for millenia, by everyone from the ancient Sumerians and Egyptians to us today? If you're breaking out the grill, you won't want to miss out on this delicious grilled salmon recipe, either!
Our Connection with Earth
It's More Than Dependency
As a species we are obviously dependent on the air to breathe, the water and soil that nurture us and the sun whose fiery presence holds us in its eternal circle.  But the earth is more than the elements that give us life. It holds millions of memories in the folds of its mountains, across the tapestry of its lands and in the rhythmic singing of its seas. As humans, we attach ourselves to this earth, not just for sustenance, but by the profound evocations of time, memory and place. Read more.
From the Archives
The Origin of Golf
Did golf originate in ancient China? The Netherlands? Scotland? Throughout history, civilizations have used a club and ball for a variety of entertainment. Learn more about the ancient games that closely resemble modern day golf in this blog post from our archives.
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