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Dive Into Great Summer Reading

Explore the Ancient World through fun, thought-provoking books

What better way to spend a summer day than enjoying the stories that have captivated the global imagination for millenia? AntiquityNOW has put together a list of some of our staff favorites to get you started!
  • Homer's Odyssey - Packed with more excitement and adventure than any summer blockbuster hitting theaters, the Odyssey is a must-read for those who missed it in high school English class, and one to revisit for those who read it years ago. This epic poem tells the story of Odysseus' journey home after the Trojan War and follows the hero's wanderings to mythic lands as he searches to define his own identity and purpose. There's a reason we've been reading this since ancient times - we can all relate.
  • Intelligence Activities in Ancient Rome: Trust in the Gods but Verify by Rose Mary Sheldon - More gripping than the Bourne Identity, Sheldon traces the intelligence activities of ancient Rome, which are strikingly reminiscent of our practices today.
  • Then and Now: The Wonders of the Ancient World Brought to Life in Vivid See-Through Reconstructions by Stefania Perring - For the kids and young-at-heart, this book illustrates ancient sites as they can be seen today and superimposes artists' reconstructions of the sites as they would have originally appeared, creating a beautiful picture of antiquity in all its glory.

Visit our official Ancient Reading List for more suggestions!

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Antiquity is Totally Hip(ster)

One of our favorite links circulating the Web this month was the expertly photo-shopped ancient statues in modern clothing.  Not only was it fun to see how these works of art look dressed up in contemporary clothing, the project shows us just how life-like and timeless classical sculpture truly is.

This series asks the question “What is the importance of clothing in our modern society?” How you dress is who you are. When you dress statues, suddenly no longer are they simply reclining figures from the distant past, they now look to be figures from modern and hip cities of today. Because they are made relevant to our current styles, we can see the realism and humanity in each figure.
—Leo Caillard

Calling All Globe Trotters!

Are you traveling this summer? We want to see your vacation pics!  Send us your photos of ancient destinations on Twitter (@_AntiquityNOW), post to our Facebook page, or e-mail them to  At the end of summer, we'll select some of your submissions to feature in a blog post on our official website! Bon Voyage!
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