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AntiquityNOW Month is here! During the month of May we celebrate all things ancient, with a modern twist! Join us! There are so many fun and exciting ways to get involved. Whether you're a teacher, a parent or just someone who loves history, we're bringing you plenty of ideas for celebrating the past's influence on today!

In Case You Missed It...

The first quarter of 2015 was packed with unique, informative and fun blog posts and recipes. There's so much to learn and explore, it was difficult to pick just a few for our newsletter wrap-up! Thankfully, you can visit all of our past posts any time, along with all of our original content, curricula and more at

The Ancient Roots of Modern Hygiene Series

Why are we always primping and preening; filling our cabinets with the newest body wash, lotions, makeup and beauty treatments? Have we always been like this? The fact is there's a psychology of "yuck" and we've been fighting the "eeww" since ancient times. Find out in Parts 1 & 2 how the ancients found ingenious ways to combat dirt and grime using only limited resources. And don't miss our other posts written by fabulous guest author, Ashley Bell.

Ancient Egyptian Blue: How the World’s First Synthetic Pigment Is Producing Tomorrow’s Brave—and Colorful–New World

A 4,500 year old synthetic pigment that brought beautiful, vibrant color to art and architecture all over the ancient world! Today, modern technology is revealing the footprints of this pigment on several ancient artifacts. Read more.

Bon Appetit Wednesday! Ancient Magical Kefir

This ancient fermented-milk drink is incredibly nutritious due to its tiny kefir grains, called "magical grains". The grains' origin is steeped in mystery and you can learn all about the possible beginnings in this post. After you've solved the mystery, enjoy a delicious kefir smoothie using our original recipe! Read more.

Bon Appetit Wednesday! Ezekiel Bread

You've probably seen Ezekiel Bread in the freezer section at your local grocer, but did you know that it's an ancient food and a recipe that comes to us from Biblical times? You can make your very own while learning how the ancient Israelites used the bread to sustain them during the Babylonian captivity. Read more.

To Repatriate or Not to Repatriate, That is the Question….James Cuno’s Case Against Repatriating Museum Artifacts

A new AntiquityNOW Forum post gives us a glimpse into the hotly debated question of whether or not to repatriate museum artifacts. Expert James Cuno makes his case against repatriation, while others insist it is the only way to save antiquity and stop the black market trade. Read more.
We were so excited to launch the Education Topic Matrix in 2014 and it's only getting better in 2015. It is an index of all our content organized by region and era. It’s cross-indexed, easy to search and is organized under headings that teachers can readily recognize. Whether you're an educator looking for FREE resources or you just want to search through our blog posts and content quickly and easily, the topic matrix is the place to go.
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