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The second quarter of 2015 AntiquityNOW brought you lots of fantastic ancient facts and recipe, as well as the launch of our latest blog post series, "Fact or Fiction?". There's so much to here to explore, it was difficult to pick just a few posts for our newsletter wrap-up. Fortunately, you can visit all of our past posts any time, along with all of our original content, curricula and more at

Fact or Fiction

Introducing our newest blog series, Fact or Fiction! We at AntiquityNOW love to be surprised, and what better way to be so than to take a walk through history? History is the ultimate trickster, turning what we think we know around at every opportunity. What really happened eons ago? Finding out can be befuddling, baffling, shocking and soooo amusing. Buckle up. It’s going to be quite a ride. Click here to read more!

Norse Gods Makeover

We see them on the big screen, bashing about aliens and each other, ruling over fantastical worlds and wielding extraordinary weapons. Their hair is perfect, muscles rippled and jaw chiseled. Few moviegoers are aware these are not just superheroes. They are important figures in an ancient religion. And now, after thousands of years, the Norse gods are getting a brand new temple, the first since the Viking age. Read more.

Bon Appetit Wednesday! Globuli, Ancient Fried Cheese Curds

A recipe from ancient Rome, globuli is the ideal treat for summer. It may not sound like the most appetizing food, but chances are you’ve already tried and fallen in love with a version of these fried cheese curds at a state fair or other festival. Click here to learn the ancient history of globuli and cook up a batch yourself!

Bon Appetit Wednesday! Native American Wojapi

Wojapi is a traditional Native American dish that has been enjoyed for centuries. We give you fair warning: Once you’ve had your first taste of wojapi, you won’t be able to put down the spoon. Read more.

The Slavery Project

Slavery has been part of the human condition for centuries. Why has slavery been an accepted part of numerous civilizations through time? Why does slavery continue to exist today in various forms around the world?

With these questions in mind, AntiquityNOW has launched The Slavery Project (TSP), which comprises curricula designed to explore slavery’s history, the social and political conditions that gave rise to it, the psychology of human bondage and the conditions today that continue its practice. Read more.

We were so excited to launch the Education Topic Matrix in 2014 and it's only getting better in 2015. It is an index of all our content organized by region and era. It’s cross-indexed, easy to search and is organized under headings that teachers can readily recognize. Whether you're an educator looking for FREE resources or you just want to search through our blog posts and content quickly and easily, the topic matrix is the place to go.
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