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A monthly recap of our best blog posts

This month, we honor the women who have inspired us from antiquity to the present day, embrace Irish tradition, take on the true story behind Disney's Pocahontas and investigate how engineers in the U.K. are looking to ancient inventions to resolve modern day challenges.
The "Disneyfication" of Pocahontas
The True Story of Uleleh

It is fascinating to look at some of the stories and films we consider to be a part of modern civilization only to realize they have complex and sometimes surprising origins. For example, the Disney film Pocahontas is based on English colonist John Smith’s account of his adventures with Pocahontas’ tribe, the Powhatan, who lived in what is now Virginia. While many know that the film is fictionalized, in-depth research reveals that even the “historical account” on which it is based is most likely fiction. Read more.
Women Who Inspire
Celebrating Women's History Month

From the female Pharaoh Hatshepsut to NASA Astronaut Mae Jemison, we honor women throughout history in this image slideshow.
Bon Appetit Wednesday!
Recipes with a Past

As we wished for luck this St. Patrick's Day, we celebrated Irish tradition with Ancient Irish Oatcakes, a side of butter, and a tall glass of milk. Yum!
While your oatcakes are in the oven, read about The True Story of St. Patrick.
Ancient Invention Helps Prevent Flooding in the U.K.
Archimedes' Giant Water Screws
What do you do when the rains keep coming and floods sweep across your country? Do you write a fancy new computer program or download the newest anti-flooding app on your smartphone? People in the United Kingdom are facing this very problem and you might be surprised to learn they aren’t turning to modern technology. Instead, they’re looking back to one of antiquity’s greatest scientists and inventors, Archimedes, and to his giant water screws.
From the Archives
The History in our Language: Ancient Idioms
"Apple of my eye." "Draw a line in the sand." "When in Rome." These are phrases many of us are so familiar with, we often don't think twice about them. It may be surprising to know that these idioms have intriguing histories that date back to ancient times!
Read this post on our blog.
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