Optus to offer Woolworths customers a special deal!
Issue 105 - March 2014

Important News from Woolworths Mobile    
Woolworths Mobile announced the closure of their $29 and $49 Prepaid Caps in the second half of 2013. Whilst it wasn't quite a surprise given the difficulty most retailers have in developing a successful and sticky mobile offer for their customers, it did come as a disappointment for many customers given the 5GB data option with a 45 day expiry.

Over the weekend Woolworths announced that existing customers who have yet to move away will be able to recharge directly with Optus and enjoy a very similar offer to that offered by Woolworths. You can read the details below, but the news is most welcome at a time when data and call allowances are being cut left, right and centre.

Much has been said about having the data allowance from your mobile plan using per KB increments rather than per MB increments, the later being a bit of a rip-off. Whilst I agree totally on the theory, I wanted to put it to the test and my recent switch from Live Connected (per KB) to Vaya Mobile (per MB) has given me the perfect opportunity. Read below to see what I have found so far.

In this issue we:
  • check out the news from Woolworths Mobile;
  • look at what my per MB data usage looks like a month into my Vaya experience;
  • review the porting experience to Vaya Mobile, this time with the correct link ;)
  • checkout the best Telstra options without having to go direct;
  • look at how much you could save if you did all of your call, TXT and browsing using a "data only" mobile plan;
  • checkout latest plan changes from Vaya Mobile;
Optus Offers Woolworths Customers a Sweet DealWoolworths Mobile announced in late 2013 that it would no longer be supporting its Prepaid Cap range with customers able to stay with the prepaid range until their existing recharge expired.  This week, Woolworths have advised of the final closure date and the options made available by Optus.

Obviously porting out is an option as is sticking with Optus by purchasing a recharge option directly. Interestingly Optus will be offering plans which are very similar to those offered via Woolworths, which means that customers can continue to enjoy 5GB of data with a 45 day expiry.  - See more

Per KB Versus Per MB - My ExperienceMuch has been written about the benefits of having a mobile plan which counts data using with the lowest form of data increment, this being per Kilobyte (per KB). The alternative in per Megabyte increments is obviously less in favour of the mobile phone user, eating into your data allowance much quicker.

There is some truth in the above statement but there is also some misconception. Whether your mobile plan provider uses per KB increments or per MB increments in their billing processes what you as the user are after, is a fair calculation of exactly how much data you have used. If we accept that the calculation is always accurate, then what difference does this “increment” really make. See more

My Latest Porting Experience, Vaya MobileYep I decided like I am sure many Live Connected customers have, that moving from $11/mth to $23 was not really in my best interest. Therefore after speaking to Ben Pullen, I decided to stay within the business but port from Live Connected to Vaya Mobile.  (this time with the correct link) - See more

Cheapest Way to Access the Telstra NetworkToday you can access the Telstra network either directly through Telstra which will give you access to the 3G (NextG) and 4G Telstra networks, or you can access the Telstra Wholesale network through one of their growing list of resellers.

Up until 18 months ago however the list of resellers was pretty much limited to Think Mobile. Today the list of resellers has reached seven. - See more

Yatango Mobile

A Data Only Plan Could Save Your on Calls, TXT and BrowsingThe stats are overwhelming and in a market where data costs are only increasing (along with all mobile plan costs), I thought that it might be interesting to try and calculate how much data I would use if I ran all of my mobile phone usage, including browsing, TXT and calls using a data connection. More importantly, I could then also calculate what a data only plan would cost me and how it compares to many of today’s plans. - See more

Vaya Mobile Updates its Cheaper Plans
Vaya CEO Ben Pullen mentioned it to me during our recent conversation that the Vaya $18 Power Plan was due for a price increase and two weeks later it is live along with a few other changes. Vaya Mobile actually made a few changes to its $18 Power Plan. Firstly the price moved from $18 - $20 (now it is the $20 Power Plan), the call value went from $650 to $500 and the data initially fell from 1.5GB to 1GB and then jumped back to 1.5GB. So the price jumped by 11%, the call value dropped by 20% and the data eventually stayed the same.

Live Connected also had a slight data increase on its Rapid $23 plan increasing its data offer from 500MB to 1GB.

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