Hello Mobile Exclusive Offer + Aldi Mobile Cuts Plans
Issue 106 - March 2014

Hello Mobile Exclusive Offer    
Hello Mobile would like to offer all readers an exclusive half price offer this month. Purchase a Combo30 starter kit at 50% off and enjoy unlimited calls and TXT plus 1GB for 30 days. Purchase before 31 March and enjoy a saving of $15. Learn more here.

Hello Mobile - - special offer

Aldi Mobile have made the news again following a review and announcement that they would be ceasing their $35 Plan and replacing it with a new range which offers less in calls and data. Aldi offered an explanation for the change, claiming that customers where using less and so really didn't need the extra data or calls value.

In this issue we also:
  • check out Dodo's 4G mobile broadband offer;
  • review the prepaid plans offered by Lycamobile;
  • compare the best prepaid mobile broadband starter kits;
  • take a look at data roaming charges for prepaid customers; and 
  • review the many other promotions running at the moment that might save you a few dollars.
Aldi Mobile Shuts $35 Plan
"Many of our customers are using a lot less than what is included in our current $35 plan. So we will soon be introducing new Value Pack options which will mean that you only pay for what you really need and starting from just $10." 

Thanks for looking after us Aldi but maybe a price drop to follow the value drop would have been more in-line with the statement made above. Granted many customers don't need an unlimited plan but replacing it with a lower value offer at the same price is a little disrespectful after such a statement. 

As I have mentioned on countless occasions through this newsletter, Aldi's $35 plan and previous versions of it were all under priced and a cut in value was only a matter of time. Hopefully we can now settle on an offer which better reflects wholesale pricing. Whilst I am all for more value, it makes little sense if a plan needs to change its pricing every six months. 

Underpinning the new plan range are PAYG rates of 10c/min, 10c/TXT and 5c/MB. Aldi Mobile's $10 plan offers $10 in value which equates to up to 100 in calls or TXT with data purchased through your PAYG account. Similarly, the $20 Plan offers $30 in value and up to 300 minutes of calls or TXT with a bonus of 300MB data.  - See more
Dodo 4G Mobile Broadband Offer
Dodo have joined the 4G mobile broadband race with the launch of both a 4G enabled USB modem and sim card. Dodo uses the Optus 3G and 4G networks. Access to 4G is limited to either the month to month plans or a contract plan for 12 or 24 months. The 4G modem can only be accessed when you sign up to a 12 or 24 month contract. Customers wishing to use the month to month plan are limited to the sim card only (ie they will require their own unlocked modem or tablet to use the service). - See more

Lycamobile Prepaid Plan Review
At the heart of all Lycamobile prepaid plans is the PAYG (Pay As You Go) account. In-fact when Lycamobile first launched in Australia a few years ago, the PAYG account was all that was offered. Today customers can access the Saver or MiniTalk plans as well as the PAYG plan. - See more

International Data Roaming Charges for Prepaid
Telstra, Vodafone and Optus have all made key changes over the past 12 months to the rates they charge customers when they use their phone and plan overseas. Pricing has fallen considerably across both contract plans and in most cases prepaid offers as well. The limits however set up for some contract plans eg Vodafone $5 a day limit have not as yet made their way to prepaid customers.  Therefore it pays to know what you might be up for if you do roam. - See more
Yatango Mobile

Best Prepaid Mobile Broadband Starter Kits
Best value USB modem starter kits
  • Virgin Mobile - Huawei E3131 for $100 with 6GB and 100 days to use it. (Optus 3G network)
  • Telstra - $69 with 3GB and 30 days to use it. (Telstra 4G network)
Best value Wifi modem starter kits
  • Optus - Huawei E5331 for $69 with 5GB and 30 days to use it. (Optus 3G network)
  • Telstra - $99 with 5GB and 30 days to use it. (Telstra 4G network)
Best value Sim cards

Special Offers
A quick review of the many special offers available at the moment:
  • 50% off Hello Mobile Combo30 Starter Kit - offer unlimited calls and TXT plus 1GB for just $15. Ends 31/3.
  • 50% off Vodafone $40 Prepaid Starter Pack. $20 buys 1 GB of data, $750 worth of Flexible Credit and unlimited TXT, all within Australia. Ends 31/3.
  • Vodafone Red Plans are offering double data even when you sign up for the month to month option before 29/4. Bonus lasts for 6 months.
  • Virgin BYO $60 and $90 plans are offering double your data if you sign up before 11/5. Bonus applies until you cancel your plan.
  • Vaya Mobile offers you your first month's access for free when you sign up and activate before 31/3. $20 sim kit fee still applies.
  • Amaysim is offering 50% your first month’s access to the Amaysim Unlimited plan. Normally $39.90 with a 30 day recharge, now just $20 for your first month. Ends 31/3.
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