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Issue 110 - May 2014

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You would not have guessed that Lyca Mobile have finally made the move to 3G unless you took a look at their FAQs. Their home page is full of promotions, yet none of them make reference that their data offer is now at 3G speeds. I had to put the call in to their customer service team to confirm it. That isn't the only news from Lyca Mobile, we review their new range of prepaid mobile plans which now also come with a healthy amount of 3G data. In this issue we also:
  • compare the best Telstra network 3G plans;
  • explain how to access free MMS from any prepaid plan;
  • find the best value p/GB 4G mobile broadband offer;
  • take a look at a range of lesser known BYO mobile plans; and
  • checkout some important news from Yatango Mobile.
Cheapest Telstra Network 3G PlansLyca Mobile to me seems like a poorer cousin to the likes of Hello Mobile and Lebara Mobile. When it comes to international rates they are very competitive and if you recall the comparison in our previous newsletter, they came out as one of the best yet again. However the value offered when it comes to internet has until recently relied upon a much lower performing Telstra 2G network. OK for making calls but very average for surfing the web.

This week I discovered that Lyca Mobile have finally made the move to the Telstra 3G network. You have to look a little beyond their home page to find it, but they have and this is great news for everyone.

In the last week, Lyca Mobile have also launched several new prepaid plans including reducing the price of their data packs. One of these plans is the Super Saver Plan. For $29.90 and a 30 day credit expiry period it offers you unlimited calls and TXT in Australia plus 2GB of 3G speed data. Not bad!

But how well does it compare to the likes of Aldi and Boost who also service customers using the same Telstra 3G network. - See more

When Unlimited MMS is Not IncludedUnlimited prepaid mobile offers in the main offer you unlimited local calls to fixed lines, unlimited calls to all mobile numbers, unlimited TXT and a reasonable data allowance.

Where they differ from each other however is how they charge or don’t for those irregular or premium activities such as calling 1300, 1800 numbers, calling overseas or even sending MMS.

The resent launch of the Hello Mobile Unlimited 40 plan has caused a bit of a stir with a 50% intro offer to help boost its momentum. The Hello Mobile Unlimited plan (now available for $19.95) gives you unlimited calls, unlimited TXT plus 4GB of 3G data using the Vodafone 3G+ network. What some people have clearly pointed via social media is that this offer doesn’t cover activities such as MMS. Overcoming this is however is pretty easy to do. - See more

Cheapest 4G Mobile Broadband4G although fast is also a lot more expensive than 3G. Just how much? When Yatango Mobile recently jumped to 4G its pricing went up on average 10 - 15%. When Vaya, Live Connected and even Spintel moved, their pricing went the same way. These price changes apply equally to 4G mobile broadband pricing.

To compare the price of 4G mobile broadband access, I have selected the starter and best value plans across 8 different 4G providers to determine the average cost of a GB. Exetel as an example, has a starter plan with 10GB and an average price per GB of just $4. Vodafone's average is $5.41/GB and Optus $6/GB. - See more

Compare Some Lesser Known BYO Mobile PlansThe goal at PrepaidPlans is to always list every single prepaid mobile and BYO monthly mobile plan available in the Australia, this includes all the popular brands like Optus, Telstra and Vodafone but also many of the lesser known brands such as Blink, Bendigo and CMobile.

Over the past month we have reviewed quite a few new plans and added them to our site so that you can also compare them with the rest and make a better and informed choice. The new plans include ETel, Blink and Aussie Broadband.

There is certainly good value in some of these plans, particularly ETel's offer, whilst Blink is now also offering 4G access plans. - See more

Yatango Mobile Goes 4G!It has been over a year since Yatango spoke to me about offering 4G services. In fact I was a little disappointed when they launch with only a 3G network offer. This month 4G was turned on which makes them the first prepaid mobile provider to offer 4G access outside of the majors (and Virgin).

Along with the 4G move, Yatango Mobile have also launched an unlimited calls option. So what does an unlimited plan cost with Yatango on 4G?

Vaya Mobile Launches New $29 PowerPlanVaya Mobile have launched the $29 PowerPlan which offers $650 in calls, unlimited calls to Vaya members, unlimited TXT and 2.5GB of 4G data. The call and TXT value is actually the same as the $18 PowerPlan except for an extra 1GB of data. 

Vaya have also announced that existing customers on the $18 PowerPlan can upgrade free of charge for a limited time.
 The upgrade offer is a little short on details, so please speak to Vaya about it. You can compare all Vaya Mobile plans here.
Notes: on occasion receives commissions for some sales that occur following your visit to our site and subsequent purchase (online) from the product provider. Our aim is to provide you with the facts, so that you can then make the most appropriate decision.
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