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Issue 76 - January 2013

Boost Mobile Relaunches on the Telstra Network
This week we have seen some big news from Boost with the launch of their prepaid mobile UNLTD plan on the Telstra 3G network. The battle to regrow their client base following the split from Optus is on. No doubt there are lots of confused customers out there. If you are one of them we have details about what you can do below. Lebara have also been busy again with the launch of yet another unlimited offer. Vaya Mobile also launched a special offer unlimited plan which to compete with the Kogan Mobile deal. 

Last issue we covered the fact that Vodafone was going to remove unlimited social media access on its prepaid mobile plans and change the data increments to per MB, well this week due to customer pressure  they reversed that decision by making the data increments per KB across the board. This is fantastic news and for many, will balance up the loss of free social media access. It also raises another question, just who offers per KB pricing these days and what does it mean?

Hello Mobile have been kind enough to offer our readers (and Facebook fans) a chance to win one of three $30 Unlimited Sim Kits, see details below. Finally, we have an update about our latest online poll, and the launch of a new regional carrier called OzLinked and its plans on the Telstra 3G network.  

Boost $40 UNLTD Golden Sim KitBoost Mobile have relaunched their prepaid mobile range on the Telstra network. The new Boost Golden Sim Kit can now be ordered online and gives you unlimited access to local and mobile calls, TXT, MMS, 13/1300/1800 numbers, voicemail plus 500MB data for 5 days. The Golden Sim kit is free. Once you have activated your sim kit and your 5 days of free access has expired, you can recharge with one of the following Boost Mobile UNLTD options:
  • $40 - 30 days access to unlimited local and mobile calls, TXT, MMS, 13/1300/1800 numbers, voicemail plus 3GB data
  • $20 - 15 days access to unlimited local and mobile calls, TXT, MMS, 13/1300/1800 numbers, voicemail plus 1GB data
  • $10 - 5 days access to unlimited local and mobile calls, TXT, MMS, 13/1300/1800 numbers, voicemail plus 500MB data
  • For premium services or international calls, you will need a Boost Bolt On. $5 (5 days), $15 (10 days) and $25 (15 days) packs are available.
Compare all of the Boost current (Telstra) and old plans here.

The Golden Sim Kit is free of charge at the moment and can be ordered online via the Boost website. Once ordered, Boost will need to verify your ID by creating a
temporary $1 transaction on your credit/debit card. You will get the $1 back within a day or so. Once this step is over, Boost will mail you your Golden Sim kit (likely to arrive in early March 2013). 

For those currently on an existing Boost Unlimited or other prepaid plan (ie you are an existing customer), you should have already received an SMS from Optus advising you that you can stick with your existing plan by simply recharging via an Optus store, over the phone, or online. Taking this step will confirm you wish to stay with the Optus/Boost prepaid plan.

There are advantages in staying if you still have unused credit, if not and you are actually using the $40 unlimited offer, moving to the Telstra network might make a lot of sense. Many would also be looking at other alternatives. You can compare many of the best prepaid plans here.

Savvytel Prepaid Mobile Plans Savvytel - Credits Never Expire.
Have been using it for years and you can't go wrong if you hardly use your phone and hate losing your credit. Great calls rates and credit never expires!

Hello Mobile Plan Combo 30 GiveawayOur friends at Hello Mobile have sent us three (3) $30 Combo 30 Starter Kits with unlimited local and mobile calls, TXT, 13/18 numbers, unlimited international calls to six (6) destinations and 1GB (3G access) data for a full 30 days. Their instruction is to reward three of our readers and Facebook fans. If you want to be a lucky winner of free calls for a whole month all you need to do is correctly answer the following two questions:
  • What are the 6 international destinations that you can call for free?
  • What is the mobile call rate for calling the US?
This Hello Mobile link will get you started with finding the answers. Post your answers on our Facebook page, via return email or via our website.  Be quick, as the first three correct responses win!

Winners will be announced on Friday 1 February 2013.
See full terms here.

Red Bull Mobile Prepaid Mobile Plans ACCESS 365 offers unlimited local and mobile calls, TXT & MMS for 365 days (bonus 3 months on offer) + 5GB of data each month.

Vodafone Switches to Per KB Data Pricing
Vodafone announced this week that it has reversed its decision to move all of its prepaid mobile plans to per MB data increments. Instead it will now make them all per KB increments. Whilst the loss of unlimited Facebook/Twitter access is still going ahead the move to per KB increments will mean a lot more internet access for everyone. Why does per KB pricing make a difference? It all comes down to rounding of data sessions. When your data increments are per MB (1000KB) and your data session ends with you having used 350KB in that session, your mobile carrier will round your usage up to a full 1MB. That is a loss of about 650KB. If the data increments where per KB, then you will be paying 350KB, exactly what has been used. This means a lot less wasted data and more data for you to use during your monthly allowance. 

Which prepaid carriers actually provide per KB data increments these days:
  • Vodafone Prepaid (all plans) - per KB
  • Telstra Prepaid Encore - per KB
  • Red Bull Mobile (all prepaid plans) - per 250KB
  • Crazy Johns Prepaid - per 10KB
  • One Mobile - per 60KB
  • One Seniors - per 50KB
  • Virgin Mobile - per KB

Lebara New Unlimited PlanLebara Mobile Australia have launched a new unlimited prepaid mobile offer which not only includes unlimited calls in Australia, but also to 29 international destinations. 
For $39.90, with a 30 day expiry you receive unlimited local calls, all mobile calls, local TXT, 13/1800 calls, voicemail plus unlimited international calls to 29 countries, including UK, USA, India, Thailand, NZ, Portugal, Ireland and Greece.

Grab full details of the new plan and what we think if the new Unlimited Lebara plan here. 

Vaya 29Unlimited Special OfferVaya Mobile has released a limited time offer Unlimited Mobile plan. The 29Unlimited Plan comes with unlimited local standard and mobile calls, unlimited calls to 13/1300/1800 numbers, unlimited TXT (both local and international), unlimited MMS, unlimited voicemail, $100 worth of international calls and....

Grab full details of the new plan here. 

OzLinked Launches with a Great Offer
Last week we saw the launch of the second MVNO on the Telstra 3G network. OzLinked is a mobile and mobile broadband service provider that will be focused primarily on servicing Australia's vast regional population. 
On the mobile side we have the Boomer and the FairGo plans. For the medium and high use customers the Boomer plans start with $25/mth, giving you $100 in call credit and 500MB data. A 2 minute call will cost you $2.28.  Excess data is 50c/MB and data increments are per/KB. The Boomer range also includes a $35, $55 and $85 option. Data ranges from 800MB up to 3GB. These mobile plans are all monthly no contract plans. You also have the unlimited plan which is actually a 24 month contract commitment.
For lower level usage there is the FairGo plan which is just $15/mth with $15 Credit. A 2 min call will cost you 75c. Data is also 50c/MB and increments are per KB. Compare all of the OzLinked mobile plans here.
OzLinked has also launched a range of monthly mobile broadband plans. Plans start at $15/mth for 500MB. You can compare all their mobile broadband plans here. 

As an intro promotion for their Facebook fans, OzLinked are giving the first 100 mobile customers (who sign up to a contract plan) their first month for free. Signup is online ONLY and you must use the promotional code : FREEACCESSFEE

PrepaidPlans Poll Question
Do you make international calls/TXT using your mobile phone?
Results look like this at the moment:
  • Yes - 56%
  • No - 44%
Tell us what YOU do NOW!

Till next time,

Arthur K

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