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Issue 111 - June 2014

Best Value 4G Plans for $30 Google+ Prepaidplans
With the recent launch of 4G from Yatango, I was asked the question - which plan offers best value for $30? 4G enabled prepaid plans have come a long way in the past year but they unfortunately continue to cost more than the alternative BYO mobile option.

Virgin Mobile have been rather quiet of late when it comes to prepaid, so we took a look at what their prepaid range has to offer and whether it can still be considered value for money.

Data add-on - if you run out of data before your call credit runs out, most prepaid providers offer the ability to buy more as an add-don, but which plans offer the best value add-on?

In this issue we also:
  • answer the call to beat an existing plan of $10/mth with 1GB data and $100 in call value;  
  • review the latest Optus Sim Only Plan changes released this week; and
  • list the latest offers for prepaid and BYO monthly mobile plans.
Best Value 4G Plans for $30Today we are looking at the best prepaid 4G options for under $30. The key criteria include 4G and prepaid with a monthly recharge of around $30. The number of prepaid providers offering 4G network access increased late May with the launch of 4G at Yatango Mobile, they now join Telstra, Vodafone, Optus and Virgin who also offer 4G access.

In total we have about 6 prepaid plans that are worth considering when it comes to your 4G decision but which plans offer best value and why? - Read on
How to Beat the Trappings of Unlimited PlansUnlimited prepaid mobile offers in the main offer you unlimited local calls to fixed lines, unlimited calls to all mobile numbers, unlimited TXT and a reasonable data allowance.

Where they differ from each other however is how they charge or don’t for those irregular or premium activities such as calling 1300, 1800 numbers, calling overseas or even sending MMS.

The resent launch of the Hello Mobile Unlimited 40 plan has caused a bit of a stir with a 50% intro offer to help boost its momentum. The Hello Mobile Unlimited plan (now available for $19.95) gives you unlimited calls, unlimited TXT plus 4GB of 3G data using the Vodafone 3G+ network. What some people have clearly pointed via social media is that this offer doesn’t cover activities such as MMS. Overcoming this is however is pretty easy to do. - See more

Virgin Mobile Prepaid Plan ReviewVirgin Mobile has been rather quite of late when it comes to its prepaid plan range. It seems the focus has shifted away from prepaid to contract and BYO mobile plans. However with all plans offering 4G data speeds, Virgin still has a strong prepaid story to tell, or does it?

We take a deeper look at the range and why you shouldn't discount Virgin Mobile. - See more

Best Value Prepaid Data Add-donsIt’s true prepaid data has taken a serious hit over the past 18 months and the only providers to go against this trend have either closed down or been whipped back into shape.

However there are ways to up your prepaid data and it’s through the purchase of a prepaid data add-on. Almost all prepaid plans offer them but which prepaid plan offers best value when it comes to topping up? - Read on

Optus Boosts Data on Sim Only PlansOptus have come out swinging with news that their Sim Only plans will receive a much needed upgrade including more call value and more data. The Optus range has so far included three plans starting at $25 and increasing to $40 and $65 with the most data on offer being just 2GB at the $65 level. Although more recent initiatives such as per second billing for calls (if you signed up before 31/12/13) saw an improvement in value, the latest changes will make Optus much more competitive even against the likes of discount providers like Vaya Mobile. Read on..

$10/mth with 1GB Data - Beat That!I received a comment on our Facebook page earlier this week, by a customer looking to access better value than his current plan. He and his partner are currently using an Optus service which carries a monthly charge of $10 and provides 1GB of 3G data and $100 in call value. The question was - Can you beat or match this offer?
The answer is no and the closest I came was: 
  • CMobile Casual Red Plan - 12c/min and 2c/MB - This is a PAYG plan so you add as much credit as you need. ie $10 will buy you 83 minutes of calls OR 500MB. CMobile uses the Vodafone 3G network.
  • TPG 3G Talk+ - $6/mth buys you 50 minutes of calls and PAYG data at 10c/MB (the data is extra). $4 would buy you 40MB. TPG uses the Optus 3G network.
  • Amaysim PAYG - $9.90 buys 1GB data - calls are extra (12c/min) minimum spend is $10 with 90 days credit. Amaysim uses the Optus 3G network.
  • Transact $10 Plan - $165 in calls (76, 2 min calls) plus 200MB. Transact uses the Vodafone 3G network.

Latest Special Offers
  • Virgin Mobile - offering a bonus 1GB data on all BYO plans till 29 June 2014.
  • Vodafone - Double Your Data on all BYO Monthly Mobile plans $50+ till 1 July 2014.
  • Hello Mobile - Offering 50% off its popular Unlimited 40 plan which offers unlimited calls and TXT plus 4GB data.
Notes: on occasion receives commissions for some sales that occur following your visit to our site and subsequent purchase (online) from the product provider. Our aim is to provide you with the facts, so that you can then make the most appropriate decision.
50% OFF Hello Mobile Unlimited 40

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