Christmas approaching the Telcos are launching their special offers to hook you in. We checkout what is on offer + review Hello Mobile + much more
Issue 97 - November 2013

Double Your Data + the Hello Mobile VerdictThe price of data has risen over the past 12 months and the value offered has fallen. As we enter the holiday season however, the Telcos launch their customer acquisition campaigns offering much of the data they have taken away in order to entice new customers. Vodafone this week launched three promotions. With their $30 Prepaid Cap they are offering a bonus 500MB if you activate your prepaid sim before 31 Jan 2014. The $30 Prepaid Cap also offers $450 in calls plus unlimited TXT. It is also 4G enabled for existing and new customers.

The second offer covers the Vodafone Sim Only month to month plans and is even better. Sign up to any of the sim only plans starting at $45+ before 3 Jan 2014 and enjoy double your data for atleast 24 months (yep even on a month to month plan). The $45 plan gives you unlimited local and international TXT, unlimited Vodafone talk, $700 in call value and now 3GB data. At the $85 Red Plan level, the data component gives you 10GB of data when the bonus is applied.

It doesn't stop there though, Vodafone has one more offer... 
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Hello Mobile Impresses!Just last week I put Lebara Mobile to the test and I can honestly say that Lebara was great but this was even better. The $10 sim pack which I ordered online arrived within a few days and was the size of a business card. Inside I had the sim which doubled as both a standard sim as well as a micro sim. Activation required the standard ID steps which includes a copy of your license or passport details. I also needed to setup a password for access to the online portal. Once this was complete, I received an email advising me of my activation and login details.
Telstra Prepaid for iPad - Recharge Or Move On?My iPad is probably my most prized technology purchase after to my Mac. This is because I bring it with me to my day job enabling me to work on my website on the way in, at lunch break and on my way home. When I first purchased my iPad, I tried wifi for a while and it was frustrating. The key problem was that my phone was ageing (no intention at that stage to replace it) and the data speeds I was achieving where ordinary. Secondly, the hassle of always having to have my phone on and wifi hotspot running was quite annoying. I decided therefore that a micro-sim was a good investment and Telstra would be the way to go so that I could maximise my data speeds.

Two years on, I have recharged yet again with Telstra but this time I was a lot more hesitant than I was 12 months ago.

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Yatango Mobile

When Mobile Broadband Is Your Only OptionIf you wanted to place a hierarchy on broadband value you would obviously start with a Cable/ADSL type of connection. These plans are all connected to a contract enabling the Internet Service Provider to offer you really good value.

In the world of mobile broadband, contract versus prepaid works in much the same way. If you want value, then getting a contract works best. The more the ISP can make from your relationship, generally the more it can also offer. The downside is that a contract keeps you handcuffed to what could turn out to be a really good or really lousy plan or ISP relationship.
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Make The Most of Your Flexible CreditIn a recent article, I wrote about how you can use your Flexible Credit for much more than just phone calls. The post below taken from Whirpool clearly shows how you can turn $50 into lots of prepaid data that will last for months. 

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Mobile Data PollHow much data do you use on your mobile phone each month. At the moment the poll is showing:
  • Under 500MB: 8%
  • B/w 500MB - 1GB: 27%
  • 1GB - 2GB: 12%
  • 2GB - 3GB: 12%
  • 3GB+ : 42%
But I am keen to hear what your usage looks like. Vote now!
Cheapest International Call Rates
Looking to make international calls this Christmas and want to pick up a sim with the cheapest rates around:
  • India - Hello Mobile (1.5c Landline, 1.5c Mobile)
  • China - Optus Connect for Less (1c Landline, 1c Mobile)
  • Indonesia - Lyca Mobile PAYG (1c Landline, 9c Mobile)
  • UK - gotalk Straight Talk Plus (3c Landline, 9.9c Mobile)
  • USA - Lyca Mobile PAYG (1c Landline, 1c Mobile)
Compare all of the best prepaid international call rates...

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