GT Mobile Shuts Down + we talk to Andy Taylor, CEO Yatango Mobile.
Issue 107 - April 2014

GT Mobile Shuts Down    
During my regular checks across the network this week, I discovered that small niche prepaid provider GT Mobile had announced on their website that they were no longer offering new services and from now on customers would be serviced by parent company/brand Lycamobile. GT Mobile was never a big player, it did however offer some very competitive rates for local and international calls. 2014 is clearly showing that having a very basic offer is not enough to survive anymore and so it seems the GT Mobile brand has gone this way.

In this issue we:
  • speak candidly to Yatango Mobile CEO and founder Andy Taylor about the market, Yatango and the future;
  • review Telstra 4G Wifi Prepaid Mobile Broadband Starter Kit;
  • checkout the best options for prepaid mobile broadband;
  • compare using PAYG or data packs for your excess data needs.
GT Mobile Shuts DownIt was launched as a niche spin-off of the popular Lycamobile brand a few years ago and if you have never heard of GT Mobile I wouldn't be surprised given their marketing was focused entirely within many of our international neighborhoods. GT Mobile sported 3c/min calls to local landlines and 15c/min to mobiles (29c flag fall). Recently Lycamobile decided to pull the pin on the brand and will now be servicing all existing customers via the Lycamobile brand. You can read all of the detail here plus analysis on what it might mean for a few more providers in the market. 
Interview with Yatango Mobile CEO, Andy TaylorToday Andy Taylor, CEO of Yatango Mobile shared 30 minutes of his day to provide readers with an insight into the prepaid mobile market, specifically the MVNO market as well as the many plans Yatango has over the coming months, particularly the move to 4G. 

Yatango was launched just over 12 months ago and has according to Andy made an important footprint into the congested and ultra competitive Australian mobile plan landscape. Runs on the board equate to customers and so far, Yatango has exceeded their year one goal whilst many have fallen away. - Read more

PAYG or Data Packs for Your Excess Data Needs?Plan value has fallen over the past 12 months, data allowances in particular have shrunken from the heights of 2 - 3 years ago, yet our appetite for data continues to grow. There are a couple of ways available to you to access more data without having to pay through the roof for it. PAYG rates is one way and if it is only a minor amount is probably the way to go, but if you are looking at 100MB or more, it might pay to look at a Data Pack/ad dons to get you through until your next recharge. - Read more

Best Options for Prepaid Mobile BroadbandThis week I received an email asking for advice on how to get started with a prepaid mobile broadband service. The customer advised that they had a laptop and wished to access the Internet. I have been using a mobile broadband plan for years now. In fact I have used all three forms of it regularly over the years.

When choosing to use mobile broadband, you have three key decision to make. The first is hardware, the second network and the third is provider. Lets look into each of these in a little more detail. - Read more


Telstra 4G Wifi Modem Starter Kit ReviewI have used a 4G USB Mobile Broadband modem for years now and if I had to choose between a USB modem or wifi, wifi would win hands down every time. So when I saw that 4G wifi modems were coming down in price, I jumped at the opportunity to buy one and give it a try. - Read more

Special OffersA quick review of the many special offers available at the moment:
  • Vodafone Red Plans are offering double data even when you sign up for the month to month option before 29/4. Bonus lasts for 6 months.
  • Virgin BYO $60 and $90 plans are offering double your data if you sign up before 11/5. Bonus applies until you cancel your plan.
  • Amaysim is offering 50% your first month’s access to the Amaysim Unlimited plan. Normally $39.90 with a 30 day recharge, now just $20 for your first month. Ends 30/4.
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