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Well Autumn is upon us and we can't complain as it has taken a very long time to get here. We have all enjoyed a marvelous summer but photographically Autumn has so much to offer. It's that time of the year that we can enjoy a lower dynamic range but still have enough light so our shutters don't get too slow. Of course one of the best things about Autumn is the amazing colours. Take a day and head up to MacLarens Falls Park and practice your scenic and landscape work.

Photography Tip For April

After having a look at a few students work lately I have noticed a small mistake coming through in regards to Circular Polariser filters . While they are very good for deepening the blue of the sky we must remember that they are all used to reduce reflection and flare. So if you are trying to capture a beautiful scenic shot  with reflections in the water you would be better off using a ND Grad filter instead. 
It is also important to remember to only use a CP filter for its intended purposes and not to leave it on the lens as this will reduce the amount of light entering your camera resulting in slower shutter speeds.

Happy Autumn Shooting
Can I give a big WELL DONE to all the amazing Professional Students who did an amazing job at the Auckland Arts Festival (AAF) and the National Jazz Festival (NJF). These students shot these two important events as the official photographers so they were under a lot of pressure. Students attitudes and commitment was fabulous and a great team to work with. I know all of them have a number of photos they can be very proud of.

I would like to say an extra special WELL DONE and THANK YOU to Candice Whitmore who was an amazing leader, mentor and professional from the beginning to the end. We couldn't have managed it without you! 

Please check out the photos in this newsletter which are a few of my personal favorites that were taken. Hope you enjoy them.

These Practical Workshops are specifically designed to help you get a better understanding with a more hands on approach of the finer details when it comes to your photography.

Effective use of Manual
Prerequisites: Must have completed Introduction to Photography - Using Manual (previously called Level 3)
Manual can be hard to get your head around. This practical application of process will make it a lot easier.

Prerequisites: Introduction to Photography  - The Basics (previously Level 1 and Level 2)
Metering is such an important process to every photographer. Its always good to have a bit of a refresher. This is your chance. but you have to say it in a deep and epic voice. Sounds cooler...

White Balance
Its a bit of a colourful subject, and a little frustrating at times. But never fear... workshops are here!!!
White Balance 1
Prerequisite : Introduction to Photography  - The Basics (previously Level 1 and Level 2)

White Balance 2
Prerequisite : Introduction to photography - Lenses and accessories (previously Level 4)

Using your TTL flash better when in manual exposure mode
Prerequisite : Introduction to photography - Lenses and accessories (previously Level 4)
Practical exercises covering subject illumination and subject illumination with back lighting.
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Autumn Program
Our Autumn Program starts this week with a few quick convenient block courses to help you build your photographic knowledge.
Portraiture L1

ITP - The Basics

ITP - Using Manual

Metering Workshops

We also have a couple of field trips coming up
Elms & Waterfront Field trip

Rotorua - Springs and Wings

Jump onto our website and have a look.
Term Two

Another Term, with more amazing classes for all you lovely people to get hooked into..
Landscape & Scenic L1

Portraiture Photography L1

Night Photography

Artistic Photography
(new course)

Studio Photography L1

External Flash L1

Introduction to Photography - Using Manual
(prev  ITP level 3)

Introduction to Photography - the basics 
(prev ITP level 1 & 2  in one course)

so keep an eye out!

Get your friends to check it out
Want to become a professional photographer?
Whether you are looking at full or part time or maybe just want to learn a professional level of skill. This new 1 year tutorial and 2 year practical course could be just what you are looking for. An opportunity to not only increase your knowledge but obtain a great deal of practical experience as well under the guidance of our trained professional mentors.

The Certificate if Professional Photography is a one year tutorial course which is designed to give those interested in making photography a part or full time profession a solid grounding in the full range of subjects. This course will cover:
Event and Sports

Practical Experience is vitally important and students will have 2017 and 2018 to accumulate as much of this as they need. Once students have completed their general professional photography tutorial year they can select and do more specific workshops in the particular field that interests them if they wish.

Contact Jo for an information sheet and a time for  a chat about how it works and whats involved.

These classes are a lot of fun, and a great way to meet people with a similar passion of photography, as well as increasing your own personal and professional knowledge of photography in different environments.
Club Membership
Due to the change in our booking program, we are no longer able to set a member and non member price for courses, so from now on all courses are at the same price. As of 2017 our club will be used for a more social and interactive purposes and the membership structure will reflect this. We will have more details about this new system before the end of the year.

Looking at new camera gear???
Don't forget that Jo will do a free camera consult before you go and make the big purchase. She is under no obligation to sell you certain products or support individual brands, just to ascertain where you will be heading and what gear to purchase so you don't make a big mistake. Take advantage of her knowledge and time.

Please remember Tutors and Staff at Capture-it can not recommend second hand gear or purchases via the internet so please refrain from asking our advice on these items. Thank You :-)


www.captureitnz@gmail .com

Nothing to do with AAF or NJF
 I just thought he was cute!

Field trips coming up!!!

Elms & Waterfront 
Friday 22nd April  - 9.30 till 3.30 pm
Enjoy a practical day photographing the beautiful grounds of the Elms, the rose gardens then along the waterfront as far as the rail bridge before heading back via the old Post Office.
Cost $75

Rotorua - Springs & Wings
Tuesday 26th April - 9.30 till 6.30 pm
Our day will start with some architecture shots of the museum and scenic shots of the gardens. Before lunch we will endeavor to photograph some wildlife along Hatupatu Drive. In the afternoon we will continue with our wildlife theme with a visit to Wingspan where we will attempt to capture the Hawks and Falcons in flight (entry fee included in field trip fee). We will then round off our day with a leisurely stroll through Kuirau Park
Cost $115


I have had a few enquiries about putting a buy, sell and exchange page on the website. Please give me some feedback as to what you think of the idea and whether or not you would participate.

If we do go ahead with the idea I would like to state that all communications would need to be between the seller and the buyer and that Capture-it NZ would not be responsible for or involved in any issue or dispute that may arise. 
Missed classes and Resits
Please remember you are always welcome to come and complete missed classes at no additional cost. If you wish to redo most or all of a course we ask for a $50 contribution to overheads etc. Please note you will need to book in manually with us for this so we can alter the price.  :)
Private Tuition

If you are tight on time, or you want to skip ahead, don't forget that Jo offers private tuition for a vary reasonable price. This would be appropriate for those travelling, got brought into an event with the expectation of photographing it or work/family schedules and commitments.

For Capture-it students:
- $55 for an hour
- $50 per hour for two or more consecutive hours

- $75 for an hour
- $70 per hour for two or more consecutive hours



The annual...
Capture-it NZ Photographic Competition 2016
Watch this space for changes to the timing and structure of the annual competition.
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