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Buying Art Online
I have been showcasing my art online for close to three years now (OMG. RIght?!), and it still doesn't cease to amaze me how wonderfully accessible art has become. There has never been a better time to collect art, with so much variety available from all over the world. It is mind boggling, the choices one has, right from the style of work, to pricing, to the convenience of buying without moving away from your computer screen.

"The convenience is great but what if the art doesn't look as good in person?!" 

The convenience of buying books, sometimes stationery, online, I get it. Love it even. Ask me to buy anything else online, and you'll hear a big fat NO. As skeptical as I am though about buying things online, I have somewhere along the last couple of years, added Art to my very short okay-to-buy-online list. 

I had to actually go through the process of creating display pictures of my art for the online store, and struggle with creating an image of the art that is as impactful as viewing the art in person. And find myself constantly annoyed at not being able to capture the essence of the art better, before turning into a believer myself.

Most art I believe looks as good, and many times much better in person than it does in a snapshot. And as I see it, while there's a good chance that you'll fall completely in love with a piece of art (which may have seemed not so great in a picture.) after seeing it in person, if you are already in love with a piece of art from viewing a picture of it online, once you see it in person, you'll love it even more. 

That's obviously my take on buying art online based on personal experience of how art shows in person versus online. But if you share my skepticism about buying things online, and aren't ready to add Art to the okay-to-buy-online list yet, look for the return policy before making a purchase. 

Also, if you are in Pune and would like to view a piece of art in person before finalizing a purchase write to me at to make an appointment.

Navigating the Website

The website now has some new features. If you are a regular visitor to my website, or follow my work on Facebook or Instagram, you may have noticed the updates and/or the list of updates already. If you haven't, go check it out already!
  • (As mentioned in the last newsletter.) You can now buy art online. While the website currently does not support international credit cards, buyers outside India can buy art via Paypal.
  • The art is now grouped by type (Original/Limited Edition Prints) and Price, for ease of browsing through the art available for purchase.
  • Monthly Payment plans. You can now pay for some of the larger pieces of art in easy monthly installments across 2-4 months. Your art will be shipped to you as soon as the payment is received in full. If you have a favorite piece of art that you have been eyeing for a while. Now would be a good time to buy. For more details, write to me at
  • Make an Offer. This an option that lets you make an offer to buy an artwork for less than the current listed price. You can submit an offer via email and I'll reply within 48 hours on my decision to lower the price to match your offer, or inform you of an alternative final pricing.
  • FAQ List
And finally my favoritest update to the website. The Arty Rooms. More images of art hanging in rooms, to give collectors a better perspective of how the art will look in a room setting. More awesomeness.

I'm loving this so much. This sure would convince me to go make an arty purchase online, if this wasn't my art, and I wasn't convinced already.

Scarlet, 2013
20x30 in | Mixed Media on Paper | Available | Buy

View more available art here.
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