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The life I desire (version 2.0)

life 2.0

One morning when my son was in preschool, my cup was feeling really full and in a moment of supreme clarity, I sat down and wrote the following (this is from the beginning of Ch. 2 on self-care in my book Nurturing the Soul of Your Family: 10 Ways to Reconnect and Find Peace in Everyday Life):

The life I desire is marked by deep connections to my child and partner. It’s a life filled with joy and meaning. It’s a life in which I feel supported and nurtured by an incredible community of men and women— young and old. I experience regular, meaningful, heartfelt connections with people I care about. I am continually open to growth — as a woman, a mother, a partner, and a spiritual being. I enjoy supporting and serving others in a way that feeds me rather than drains me. I feel that I always have enough time in my life for those things that are most important to me. My life flows, I trust my intuition, and I expect good to come to me. I feel peaceful. I am loving, and I feel loved. This is the life I desire.

While this is still true and accurately describes my life over the last ten years, I’m ready for Life 2.0. For a life that is even more spacious, supported and less plugged in.

During my recent digital detox/writing sabbatical, the vision of this “dream life,” came to me on day five. Some of the aspects of my Life 2.0 would include:

•         The space to pursue creative activities related to my work and be unplugged completely twice a month for one to five days
•         Having a team member who checks  my email for me and who does as good or a better job than I do at replying with diplomacy, grace and efficiency
•         Weekly nature excursions with good friends who also have a deep affinity with nature (I’m starting a G.R.I.N. group, which stands for “Girls Renewing in Nature!”)
•         Time and space for long teas with dear friends whenever I like (even twice a month would be divine!)
•         Romantic getaways with my husband at least one night a month and at least one weekend a year
•         Family nature-based vacations locally and nationally every two to three months minimum (these help us recalibrate and all get on the same page–invaluable!)
•         Unbelievable support on the parenting front from amazing heart-centered parenting experts, coaches, teachers and school staff
•         Spiritual direction/support from world-class colleagues, teachers, retreat centers and training
•         Speaking opportunities–both domestic and international–that are extremely well-paying, fun, easy and feed me on all levels

And of course all of these desires are in complete alignment with my income goals. Sound decadent? It does to me, too. But I thought the life I envisioned back in 2004 sounded outrageous and low and behold, it unfolded just as I described it.

In my “dream life,” I feel free, spacious, generous, open, passionate/juicy, aligned, grounded and playful.  I am imbued with a sense of incredible confidence, clarity and discernment and can easily see what is a “Yes,” “Later,” or “No.”

I feel a bit shy about putting this out there as it may sound crazy, impossible or only attainable for the self-employed (my team and I work with many clients who would love to have just one day off a month). But I know that giving voice to a desired vision is one of the most powerful things you can do to bring it to fruition.  I also believe that in sharing my life 2.0 vision, perhaps, maybe, it may inspire you to reflect on what yours might look like, as well.

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