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Ready to start living intentionally?


We’re constantly creating whether we’re doing this consciously or unconsciously. Wouldn’t you rather create with intent?

I just designed my vision board for 2015 (read more). My family and I believe one of the most powerful things you can do live on purpose and connected to what matters most is to live intentionally.

Do you ever wonder how all the day-to-day choices you make, big and small, add up and affect your family, career and how you live?

Do you feel like you’re in the driver’s seat — that you are the one creating and directing your life with purpose and intent? Or do you feel as if someone else is driving and you’re in the backseat, hanging on for dear life?! We often hear our coaching clients say they don’t have a choice. They’ve convinced themselves that they can’t change a bad situation. What they really mean is they’re unwilling or not ready to make a hard choice, whatever that means — downsizing to a more affordable home, leaving a financially cushy but unfulfilling job, ending an unhealthy relationship, moving to another part of the country, taking a much-needed sabbatical, changing their diet, living on a reduced salary, or changing their lifestyle so it support greater life balance, and so on.

It’s so easy to slip into a slumber, to give up control, and to think we’re at someone else’s mercy regarding how we’ve set up our lives. But the reality is every day we are making choices — big and small — that affect our day-to-day life on every level. Some choices are easy, and some are hard and uncomfortable. The key is to choose, and to do so deliberately and consciously, in ways that support our larger life goals — for more freedom, balance, simplicity, harmony, health, creative pursuits, and time to be alone and as a family.

Not all our choices will be conscious, nor will circumstances always cooperate. Many years back, one night, after my husband was unexpectedly laid off from his tech job, we sat up late talking about the unanticipated challenges that we were now facing. Instead of being depressed, though, we chose to feel gratitude for all the conscious choices we’d already made that supported our values — specifically regarding where and how to live and work — and that would continue to support us despite our circumstances.
• We live in a home that is beautiful but modest and needs only one salary to cover the mortgage instead of two.
• We live five minutes from my office, which improves my commute, life balance, time with my son and my business’s productivity.
• We live close to things that are integral to our quality of life: a yoga and dance studio, hiking trails, a park and community playground, a farmer’s market, the Texas Hill Country, and several natural foods grocery stores.
• My husband and son enjoy a short commute downtown together each morning to work and school–which expands the amount of time we all get to spend together in the morning.

And in general, we make day-to-day choices that foster our individual and family well-being: turning off the TV so we can spend more time together as a family and outdoors, eating healthy, nourishing food so we feel energetic, practicing mediation so we’re less re-active, taking nature-based vacations that leave us feeling rested/renewed and making music an integral part of our lives.

Years ago in my twenties when I worked as an international communications director, I couldn’t make it to a photography class early to create prints, and my photography teacher challenged me, stating it was my choice to be late or not. Exasperated, I rolled my eyes and shot back: “You just don’t understand. I had too much work — conference calls, media tours — I had no choice!” I really thought I didn’t. Now I know I do. We all do. (This excerpt is from Nurturing the Soul of Your Family: 10 Ways to Reconnect and Find Peace in Everyday Life by Renee Trudeau–buy it here on Amazon.)

Nurturing the Soul of Your Family

P.S. Are you a procrastinator like my hubby? It’s not too late to carve out some time for yourself this weekend and join him in reflecting on where he’s been and where he’s headed. Here are 4 Must-Ask Questions to reflect on before you create your vision for 2015.

TAKE ACTION:  In transition, asking “What’s next?” and desiring to live more intentionally? Here are three opportunities for support: Join me for my Jan. 23-25 Women’s Self-Renewal Retreat at Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health, find/start a Personal Renewal Group in your area or contact us at Career Strategists for a free initial phone consult and work one-on-one with our Senior Career Coach.

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