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August 2014

Dear <<First Name>>

In the late nineties, I was given the opportunity to work on a once-in-a-lifetime project.

I was hired specifically for my corporate PR/communications background, to publicize and help secure funding for one of the most important shipwrecks ever discovered in North America—the Belle—the French exploration ship that went down off of the coast of Texas in 1687.

My position entailed securing national/international media coverage on outlets like the Today Show and Good Morning America, working with Nova, Smithsonian and National Geographic to document the execution, coordinating international relations with the French Embassy, working under an amazing boss that supported me unconditionally, enjoying a liberal comp and flex time policy, meeting regularly with the Texas legislature and major donors from across the U.S. and partnering with nationally recognized archeologists and preservationists.  

Personally and professionally, it was a thrilling time. And, as someone who used to plan out their career meticulously, I would have never considered or even known of a job like this existed (especially in state government), if I hadn't been open to new possibilities. 

Reflecting back on the last twenty-three years of my career (with the last 10 being as a small business owner), I believe the biggest growth came during those rare moments when I didn't have a plan. When I allowed myself to say "yes" to opportunities I might typically have said "no" to. And when I released the need to have everything mapped out before me.

It seems that often times when our plans are too rigid, we miss out on opportunities (or new revenue, mentorship, promotions or partnerships) that we couldn't have envisioned otherwise. We limit ourselves by not being open to the unexpected. So, how can you be more "wide open" in your career/professional life in 2014? 
  • Consider joining (or starting like I did) a new professional organization or group
  • Be open to new partnerships or synergies (you know what they say about two minds) at your job, in your business or in your community work
  • Consider whether it's time to explore a new job within your department, your company, your industry or maybe even in a new field
  • If you're self-employed, be open to new streams of revenue; revisit your 'income pie' and see what your P&L statement is telling you about how and where you make money 
  • Get out of the chicken coop: maybe this is a good year to attend a professional development conference, travel domestically or internationally for work or gain more experience working on a global project or initiative
  • Set up a meeting with your supervisor and ask for insight into new projects or areas of growth within your company where your skills might be utilized
My coaching team and I challenge you this quarter to say 'yes' to at least one thing you would normally say 'no' to. Just try it. You never know what incredible new opportunities might be awaiting you if you step off the beaten path and open yourself up to the unimagined in 2014.

Warmly, Renee and Career Strategists Senior Coaches: Angela, Sarina and Debbie /512-459-6700
P.S. The Career Strategists coaching team—a boutique coaching firm based in Austin and serving clients worldwide via personal sessions, phone, Skype—has been supporting clients around the globe since 1999. We are incredibly grateful to do the work we do and find tremendous joy and satisfaction in knowing we have helped thousands of men/women find their calling and experience enhanced job satisfaction. Read some of our past newsletters here to learn more about our philosophy.

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