Life Balance Newsletter  |  May 30, 2013
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10 ways to enhance peace (and a new video!)


Over the years, our career coaching clients have shared that one of the biggest gifts they receive from working with our team is being challenged to imagine what is possible in their lives and careers: to shed the shackles of their expectations, to dump their old, crunchy, outdated ways of being in the world, and to start anew.

This is the question my new life balance book poses: What would a new way of being look like? What would your family relationships look like if you stepped into the highest expression of who you are? How might your interactions shift if you were relating to those you love with a full-rather than empty–cup?

I’m curious how we can all find more peace and harmony-not when we’re on a retreat or vacationing in Hawaii-but right now. In everyday life: while we’re washing dishes, negotiating household work with our partner, navigating homework squabbles and in meetings.

In my newest book I shared the following ten paths to peace–the backbone of Nurturing the Soul of Your Family–which have helped me and my family find more harmony and flow in daily life:

•    Tapping the transformative power of self-care: attune and respond to your needs and desires
•    Healing from the inside out: peace begins with me
•    Unplugging to plug in: remember, people first, things second
•    Unleashing the healing power of nature: the ultimate antidepressant
•    Making time for spiritual renewal: return to the river within
•    Loving the ones you’re with: spend time together (like you mean it!)
•    Defining, celebrating, and honoring your family culture: what do you stand for?
•    Slowing down: do less to experience more
•    Exploring a new way of being: make hard choices, break free, and do it different
•    Building your tribe: ask for and embrace help as you create your support network

If you’ve read the book (if not, buy it here), I’d love to hear which path to peace most resonates with you.

Heartfelt thanks to Sara Bogan with Pfuntography for creating this sweet little video about the book: VIEW VIDEO. If you missed our March book launch in Austin, watch this and enjoy a little of the magic we cooked up that night. Special thanks to Christie Stockstill Photography for the photos used in this video.

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