Lost Again Club • Full Moon • January  2019

The End, The New.

Hello Lost Again Club. For the first Full Moon of 2019 I have two short stories. Firstly a tale of hiking, saying goodbye to 2018, and a small invitation. Secondly a story about changing agreements, seeing the wood, and resetting a new purpose.

End of Year Hike.

On December 29th we —four Lost Again Club members this time— took our customary End of Year Hike. Usually a day hike, followed by a welcome onsen and a dinner celebration. The weather this year has been unusually warm, with very little snow so we expected a leisurely hike on one of our favorite #deepshiga mountains.  Yet, the one day we chose was the one day it decided to dump snow all over Shiga Prefecture!
We love the snow, welcome it, we're no strangers to backcountry adventures, but today the conditions were too harsh for our original route. Plans changed, as they do, and we set off up an easier route, starting close to our One Tree Academy. Spirits were high as we made new tracks upwards and after a couple of hours we reached our summit in snow knee high.

Not lingering on the top, stopping just enough time to enjoy the views east towards Ontakeyama (御嶽山)... "I think I can see it... maybe there... through the clouds, look". Now there was one last thing to do before retracing our steps down. It was time to visit this mountain’s shrine, praying our thanks for 2018 and hopes for 2019.

Our End of Year Hiking started with just two of us, four years ago. Last year there was three members and this year became four. Each year growing and bringing a new experience for the club. It’s becoming and accidental community... which I think is the best type.

With our prayers done and feeling the cold, we dashed down to warm up. Reaching the bottom within the hour, marking the end of another year. I'll finish the story there, leaving our onsen and dinner festivities to your imaginations.

Join us?

This year we will hold our End of Year Hike during the Winter Solstice (12月22日) and we invite you to come too. A light hike somewhere in Shiga followed by dinner together.

We will share the details around October - November (10月11月).


New Agreements.

One week after our End of Year Hike it was the first New Moon of 2019 and time to hike again. This time joining our friends from all over Japan for the biannually 比良de宴会 (Hira de Banquet). For the past 5 years we've been gathering every summer and winter for a night of celebration on Hirayama (Shiga Prefecture). This year's event marks the 10th anniversary for our loosely tied community of like-minded dirtbags.

Running short on time, we (Lost Again Club) decided to skip the camping, instead leaving early in the morning of the New Moon hopefully joining our friends for breakfast. At 6am, in light snowfall and guided by our headlamps we started hiking. It was cold but not too cold, we soon became warm, too warm from the uphill exertion. Removing layers as the sun was rising, watching the colours of the day brighten and listening to the waking sounds of nature all around us. The beauty of the dawn filling us with energy to reach the campsite.

At first feeling regretful not to join the banquet on time, but then something shifted in us. As we walked and talked about the new year and the new moon, we realised a difference in our connection to each of these occurrences.

How arbitrary the calendar new year was, the human calendar placed over nature (chronos time). Opposed to the new moon and following nature's calendar, doing things when they feel right (Kairos time). The new and full moon (新月 満月), the summer and winter solstice (夏至 冬至) full of universal mystery and intrinsic to our active life outdoors.

Deep inside we feel this to be true, but are all too busy to pay any attention the subtle changes in nature. We can’t see the wood for the trees, but hiking that early morning was like walking into a clearing of the mind. We could see our activities as a whole and understand the full meaning of Outdoors With Love (•O•W•L•).


Always improving.
We didn’t managed to get our minimal Ibuki Knapsack online, it sold out almost immediately... thank you. We're now working on a new version, as well as planning new products and an exhibition. We will be using a new Dyneema Composite Fabric (DCF) colour, which we've never seen in Japan before. Hoping to make something unusual and with any luck we'll launch these in time for the Vernal Equinox (春分).

Want to change your perspective?
The next spring
One Tree Academy "Design your Body & Mind" will be held on the full moon weekend in May: 5月18日(土)〜19日(日)

This year we are planning four guest speakers covering the topics of nutrition, exercise, community & purpose, with additional workshops and of course Tent Sauna Party.

This year there will be a limited number of places available so be sure to book early.  Full details and registration information coming soon.

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Lost Again Club

Stories from our Lost Again adventures by James Gibson.

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