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Pellet Quality Matters - no. 5

In previous newsletters we have focused on topics such as 'The importance of pellet quality' and 'How various raw materials affect pellet quality'. 

This time we will illustrate various categories of "problem pellets" and suggest possible remedies. Many, but not all pellet quality problems fall into these categories, or a combination of the effects shown.

Example: pellet with severe cracks at one end.
They say that one picture is worth a thousand words. We have six pictures:

Why use a Pelleting Aid?

Today’s feed formulations are designed to:
  • achieve a specified nutritional value,
  • using a selection of available raw materials to
  • meet the desired least cost solution of the formulated ration.
However, the importance of producing durable and dust–free pellets is often forgotten or not paid sufficient attention to. The use of a pelleting aid can be a very cost-efficient solution to this dilemma.
Although pelleting aids offer a large number of potential benefits to a feed producer, different people within a feed company may have different reasons for using one. 
Learn more about typical benefits that should be of interest if you are a: 

FPQF Calculator - Not tested it yet?

Pelleting Newsletter no. 4 focused on the new online Feed Pellet Quality Factor Calculator, a tool that helps feed producers anticipate problems related to the use of certain raw materials. Calculation of the FPQF indicates how well a feed formulation will pellet.

We are pleased to see that more than 400 people have signed up as users already.
Register/Login here to get free access to the FPQF Calculator
Borregaard LignoTech is the World's leading supplier of pellet binders and die lubricants to the animal feed industry. Our products can improve pellet quality, reduce energy consumption, increase production rate and improve overall feedmill profitability.
For more information about our pelleting aids Ameri-Bond 2X,  LignoBond DD and PellTech please contact us or visit our website:
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