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Pellet Quality Matters - no. 4

Borregaard LignoTech is proud to announce the launch of its online FPQF Calculator - a tool that will enable feed producers to calculate and save the Feed Pellet Quality Factor (FPQF) of their various feed formulations.

Pelleting Newsletter no. 3 focused on the Feed Pellet Quality Factor (FPQF) - a model Borregaard LignoTech has developed to help feed producers anticipate problems related to the use of certain raw materials. Calculation of the FPQF indicates how well a feed formulation will pellet.

Register/Login here to get free access to the FPQF Calculator

FPQF Calculator - How it works

Register, login and get free access to the Borregaard LignoTech FPQF Calculator. By using a personalized login, you will be able to save all your FPQF calculations and view/edit them whenever you want to.

Type the name of a feed formulation, then click the Create button and start choosing ingredients:

An ingredient can be chosen by typing parts of the name and selecting from the results that pop up, or click "Click to see all ingredients" and select from the list provided - and add the % inclusion for each ingredient in your feed formulation.

Once the recipe is complete (i.e. you have reached 100%), the Feed Pellet Quality Factor of the formulation is calculated, automatically saved and shown . You will also see the bulk density for the formulation – shown both as kg/m3 and lb/ft3.

An FPQF below 4.7 suggests pellet quality problems unless a higher than normal amount of electrical energy is used in the pelleting process.

An FPQF higher than 4.7 indicates that production rate can be increased/maximized.

NOTE: You can add and calculate the FPQF of as many formulations as you like. The formulations you enter/register can only be accessed and viewed by yourself.

Smartphones and tablets

For smartphones and tablets you can add an 'App-like' icon to your Home screen:

1. Register/Login at

2. Click on the arrow at the bottom of your screen:

3. Follow these instructions:

4. You will then get an icon/shortcut on your home screen that looks like this:

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