1st Eurovelo, Greenways and Cycle Tourism Conference - Nantes; Workshop Greenways in Romania; 16th Meeting of the French Departments and Regions Cycling; Internal coordination meeting "Greenways4Tour" project.
The director of EGWA and its conference in Nantes Workshop participants visited the Tarcău Greenway

The director of EGWA at the close of the conference in Nantes.

Workshop participants visited the future Tarcău Greenway

1st EuroVelo, Greenways and Cycle Tourism Conference

Workshop on Greenways in Romania

September 26 saw the opening in Nantes (France) of the first Conference on Eurovelo, Greenways and Cycle Tourism, organized jointly by the European Greenways Association (EGWA) and the European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF), and sponsored by the European Commission.

The event was held within the framework of two European funded projects: Greenways4tour and EuroVelo, and it brought together a hundred European experts, who discusses what measures could be implemented to promoted cycle tourism in Europe. It was the view of the Conference that cycle tourism is already a booming, Europe-wide business sector, and one that moves over €44,000 million a year. All the participants agrees that this type of sustainable tourism offers a much greater potential, one as yet untapped. With regard to funding channels within the European Commission, in 2013 there would be a budget of €6 million for tourism-related actions, plus another €3 million for preparatory actions. 

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On October 9 a workshop on greenways, organized by EGWA and Eurogites as part of the European Congress on Rural Tourism (Piatra Neamt), was held in Tarcău  (Romania). The European Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development, M. Dacian Cioloş, stressed the importance of tourism for rural development. 

The presentations delivered highlighted the degree of interest there is in greenways due to the positive impact these infrastructures have on the development of tourism and the economic diversification of rural areas, with examples of best practices related to the promotion and development of greenways, cycle tourism and accessible tourismment. After, a visit was made to an old logging railway near Tarcău; in fact the venue of the workshop had been chosen precisely due to its proximity to this disused railway. Express mention was made also for the profitability of investments in this resources and the benefits of promoting greenways as excellent infrastructures for cyclists and people with disabilities. 


Alain Spada, Gilbert Perrin and Doreta Vicini, Presidentsof DRC and l’AEVV, and Vice-President of ECF

Alain Spada (DRC President) presents the manifiesto “More European funding for the bicycle” with the full suport of Gilbert Perrin (EGWA President) and Doretta Vicini (ECF Deputy President)

16th Meeting of the French Departments and Regions Cycling Network Association

The Eurovelo, Greenways and Cycle Tourism Conference was held on the eve of the annual meeting of the Departments and Regions Cycling Network Association (DRC), which gave participants a two day extension to this forum for the exchange of innovative experiences and success stories concerning greenways, cycle tourism, and the promotion of the use of the bicycle. 

The 16th DRC meeting closed with the signature of the manifesto “More European funding for the bicycle” which marked the start of a European campaign by the network of 97 departments and regions, calling for the bicycle to be included as a target for European funding 2014-2020. The ECF and EGWA expressed their full support for this initiative.  Further information about the interesting developments in France and this campaign is available at

The consortium team of the project "Greenways4Tour"

The consortium team of the european project "Greenways4Tour"

Internal coordination meeting of the "Greenways4Tour" project

Prior to the conference, on September 25, an internal coordination meeting for the "Greenways4Tour" project was held in which participants presented and discussed the progress made on the design of the observatory, best practices guidelines, and the video being developed. The greenways brochure was also presented and released at the conference, and the forthcoming actions to be undertaken within the framework of the project were discussed. 

With a budget of some €160,000 over 12 months, the goal of the “Greenways4tour” project, funded by the European Commission, is to promote greenways in Europe as a tool for sustainable tourism. As well as EGWA, which coordinates the project, the consortium team includes Milan University (Italy); the Spanish Railways Foundation (FFE) (Spain); the Nadece Partnership in the Czech Republic; Basquetour (Spain); EUROGITES (Spain); Consorci Víes Verdes de Girona (Spain) and Comunidade Intermunicipal da Regiao Dao Lafoes (CIMRDL) in Portugal.
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