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#1 - APRIL 2017

The EU funded project Greenways4ALL aims to move forward towards the creation of accessible
tourism products linked to greenways.


Promoting Accessible Tourism on European Greenways: Greenways4ALL

In this newsletter we present the most outstanding activities carried out so far of the EU-funded project “Accessible Tourism on European Greenways: Greenways4ALL”. The project aims to move forward towards the creation of accessible tourism products linked to greenways.

The Launching Conference in September 2016 was the official presentation of Greenway4ALL and it allowed us to share experiences regarding accessible tourism and to learn about the main needs we should take into account when creating accessible tourism products. This was done with the help of real users: people with specials needs who love to travel and enjoy the outdoors, but who require a number of basic conditions before embarking on a trip.

During the following months we advanced in our knowledge of the real offer in terms of accessible tourism in the two pilot territories on which this project is focused (Sierra Greenway in Spain and Ecopista do Dao, in Portugal), in training, and in the creation of a tourism product.

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The launching conference

Accessible Tourism on European Greenways.

On Friday, September 30 a conference organized by the FFE and the European Greenways Association was held. Its purpose was to present the new “Greenways4ALL” project and share experiences regarding accessible tourism, enhancing greenway accessibility, and the dissemination of these itineraries as resources for everyone.

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See presentations of the launching Conference "Greenways for All"  here (Spanish), and the summary of the conference in English and Spanish. 

Local accesibility agreement for la Sierra greenway and ecopista do Dão

In the month of October representatives from PREDIF (Representative State Platform for Physically Disabled Persons) and the Spanish Railway Foundation met managers from two Greenways4ALL project members, La Sierra Greenway (Cadiz-Seville) and Ecopista do Dão (Viseu, Portugal).

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Accessible Tourism and European Greenways

The European Greenways Association, the Spanish Railways Foundation, as project coordinator partner of “Greenways4ALL” project and Predif, the Spanish Representative Platform for Physically Disabled Persons, organize this workshop in the framework of FITUR.

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See presentations of the Workshop here (in Spanish)
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  Trainning course on “Dealing with customers with disabilities and diverse needs”

A specific course on “Dealing with customers with disabilities and diverse needs” was held in Olvera (Cádiz), given by PREDIF on March 9, 2017, in collaboration with Fundación Vía Verde de la Sierra and Fundación de los Ferrocarriles Españoles (FFE).  Another course of similar characteristics took place in Viseu, Portugal on April 5, 2017, delivered by Accessible Portugal in collaboration with CIM Dao Lafoes and FFE. 
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  Greenways 4ALL: Building accessible tourism products in greenways


This Project is already advancing towards the creation of accessible tourism products based on greenways.

The project partners are already working on the design and creation of tourist products and including in their tourist packages all the details of the specific offers selected by these travel agencies and tour operators. This work phase is scheduled to be completed in June and a total of 7 products are expected to be created in the two territories.
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An essential part of the Project is to raise awareness of the importance of accessible tourism and the opportunity offered by European Greenways as resources for everyone.

Help us spread the word about the importance of accessible tourism on Greenways; download the "Greenways4ALL" project brochures “Accessible tourism on Greenways” and “Attention to customers with accessibility needs” and share them with your fellow partners and stakeholders.

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