Focus on NCDs to save millions of women from premature death

A new paper published by the Oxford Martin School and The George Institute calls for global and national women’s health strategies to focus on non-communicable diseases, which kill more than 18 million women a year worldwide. READ MORE

India vulnerable to the spread of Zika virus but no need to panic

The spread of the zika virus around the world has caused enormous concern and has led to an avoidable scare in the national and international media. Professor Vivekanand Jha, Executive Director of The George Institute, India, answers some frequently asked questions about managing Zika in countries like India. READ MORE

Fast food lunches could take four hours of exercise to burn off

Some of Australia’s most popular lunches have been investigated by The George Institute to discover how long it would take to run, cycle or walk them off. READ MORE

The ATTEND trial, India.

The ATTEND trial India is a low-cost, innovative rehabilitation trial to improve the recovery of patients suffering from stroke.

Science strong on salt despite doubters

Is salt bad for you? Recent research would suggest that scientists are divided on the issue. However, Professor Bruce Neal from The George Institute says evidence shows a strong likelihood that salt reduction will deliver net health gains. READ MORE

Major new appointments for China researchers

Researchers from The George Institute, China, have received major appointments in international organisations for their contributions to combating non-communicable diseases globally. READ MORE

Selected media highlights

Cold weather increases the risk of stroke

A study has shown that cold weather leads to a heightened risk of the most lethal form of stroke – intracerebral haemorrhage. READ MORE

World’s first low-cost dialysis unveiled

It’s an invention that could save millions of lives each year and transform the way kidney disease is treated around the world. After a year-long global quest, the world’s first low-cost dialysis system has been unveiled and the inventor of the innovative design has recieved US$100,000 in prize money. READ MORE

Want to get involved in research?

Volunteer for these trials: 

Text messages can increase medication adherence

Text messages can double the rates of medication adherence in patients with chronic disease. That is the central finding of a new study published today in JAMA Internal Medicine. READ MORE

Critical to see how money will be spent in India's budget

Professor Vivekanand Jha, Executive Director of The George Institute, India, welcomes the increased focus on health promotion in India's Union Budget 2016-17 but says it falls short of adequate coverage for the treatment of major illnesses. READ MORE

George Clinical will be exhibiting at the Austrade pavilion at BioKorea 2016 held at the COEX, Seoul. South Korea is East Asia's fastest growing healthcare market, second to China, with a market size of USD17b. As part of the main event, Austrade will also be organising a seminar on Australia's clinical trial capability. George Clinical’s Executive Director, Dr Marisa Petersen, has been invited to speak on Australia and its role in the international clinical trial environment. READ MORE

$9.5m NHMRC grant to combat unnecessary testing and treatment

A team of Australia’s leading healthcare researchers has been awarded a $9.5 million program grant that will focus on the reduction of unnecessary testing and treatments, and increase appropriate use of healthcare, particularly for musculoskeletal diseases, cardiovascular disease and cancer. READ MORE

Pursuing parity for International Women’s Day

Tuesday 8 March was International Women’s Day, a day to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievement of women around the world, but also to highlight how much there is still to do in many countries in the pursuit of gender parity. READ MORE

New look websites

We've launched a new, more modern and vibrant look to our global and regional websites. This new design better showcases our work and is inspired by best practice medical, educational and NGO websites. We also launched a new logo! CHECK IT OUT

TGI gathers international experts for change making forum

In a major forum hosted by The George Institute on Friday, key health sector thinkers, leaders and change makers from around the world gathered in Sydney to address maximising the impact of research on policy and practise for greater change. READ MORE

TGI China's latest newsletter

The George Institute China's 12th bilingual newsletter features a welcome to its new director, new collaboration with Shanghai Jiao Tong University, report on mHealth in China, studies about the burden of fractures, and more. DOWNLOAD PDF

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