Dear <<First Name>>
It is truly a joy for us to inform you every month about what the Lord is doing in our area. It is a special joy because we know that you pray for us and we thank you so much for your sacrificial involvement in our ministry. We are so thankful to God for you. We daily keep you dear <<First Name>> in our prayers.  With much love,  Your Albanian family:                 Edi, Bona, Noel, Sion


I never imagined that in such a short period of time we would be growing this fast. God has been expanding our ministry in so many ways and we are deeply thankful to Him who called us to be co-working in this generation. What a great honor it is. At the same time, it is a great responsibility. I, Edi, often read Ezekiel 34, which talks about shepherds and the responsibility that we have before the Lord to be faithful in the ministry. We daily pray that He will help us grow strong in bringing glory to His holy name. Praise be to Him.
Last month we mentioned adding two new ladies, Dhurata and Sonila, to our staff. In this letter we share the joy of introducing Llambi. Llambi is 42 years old, with much experience in the Lord, since 1994. He is married to Rosa, and they have two children: Elia and Vasiliqia. Now we have a team of four; Llambi, Erlind, Dhurata and Sonila will be serving at Disciples Church full time. They will be evangelizing and discipling new believers. Please pray that God will lead them in every step.


This year we have been visited by so many of our ministry partners and friends from all over the world. For us this is a special blessing from God for which we are so thankful. Lately we had the honor and privilege to have our USA Board Member, Pastor Tom Doidge and brother Matt Jantz from Woodridge Community Church in Wisconsin, who stayed with us for ten days to help and encourage us in the ministry. We appreciate so much the wisdom and experience of Pastor Tom, and the energy and friendship that Matt transmitted, especially at Disciples Church, as he helped with teaching English, evangelizing and preaching at the church. I am so thankful to the Lord who has given to us such godly people to be a practical help and encouragement. We praise the Lord.
This month the Disciples Church has been growing more. We have about fifty people at Disciples Church who attend English classes and who are meeting weekly with our staff and being challenged by the gospel. Almost everyone who attends English classes stays for the church service. With great joy we want to announce to you that this week, by the grace of God, two people came to know the Lord Jesus; their names are Erida and Grisi. Praise the Lord!
Another great thing that is happening because of the grace of God is the children's ministry at Disciples Church. For some months now we have had Children's Church in English and Albanian. The children love it; their parents are so excited, they bring their kids with great joy. The children's service happens during the same time that we have the church service so the parents instead of waiting their kids to finish the program outside, they come and stay for the church service. This is a big blessing because we are developing great relationships with these families. By the grace of God we are going to have this coming weekend a Kids' Special Event, where we are inviting their parents to a special meeting where the kids will perform for them what they have learned at church, along with a gospel presentation. Please pray that God will continue to bring people to his Kingdom from the Don Bosko area.
God is working in a very special way at Eklesia Church. The church now is going through a maturity phase. We know that the evil one is also active and is trying in different ways to influence God’s people. We have been praying fervently that the Lord will continue to strengthen His Church and that the believers will grow strong in Him. We are now in the process of training the local leaders to be prepared for leadership in the church. We feel so blessed by the faithfulness of our God toward both churches.
 We would appreciate if you can pray for our dear co-workers Gerion and Anisa, because they are going through a difficult season of life with the health of their son Savio.

Thank you so much dear <<First Name>> for your prayers for our family. Bona has been doing well, her anemia is still deep at the moment because of the kidney function bush she is taking intensive medication. Thank you so much for your prayers for our family.


By the grace of God, Illyricum Movement together with VUSH (Albanian Evangelical Alliance) organized an event where many pastors and believers from different churches all over Albania came together to hear the president of the organization Christians For Israel International, Mr. Williem Glashouwer. The event was focused on encouraging the churches to pray and support Israel. We were privileged to have the ambassador of Israel in Albania participate in this meeting.


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