IUF and ETUC condemn military coup in Turkey

The IUF strongly condemns the 15 July attempted military coup in Turkey. The country clearly lacks democratic rule and disrespects fundamental human rights, a picture that is more than likely to deteriorate further.
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CETA presented as a mixed agreement

On 5 July Trade Commissioner Malmström presented CETA as a mixed agreement, meaning that not only the Council and Parliament, but the Parliaments of all 28 EU countries will also have to approve the text.  
Further to EFFAT, EPSU and the ETUC efforts to put pressure on national governments on this issue, the trade union movement welcomes this decision but also highlights its opposition to the deal and its concerns for public services, ICS and labour rights.
Selling Off the Farm: Corporate Meat’s Takeover through TTIP

On 12 July at the European Parliament, Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy (IATP) Europe, Arbeitsgemeinschaft bäuerliche Landwirtschaft e.V. (AbL), Compassion in World Farming (CIWF) and PowerShift released a new report documenting how the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) empowers the global meat industry and undermines family farming. Estelle Brentnall from EFFAT took part in the debate focusing in particular on how TTIP would erode basic EU labour standards, fuelling a downward spiral in wages and working conditions in Europe. Read more
Trade Unions Coalition supports European Commission’s investigation against McDonalds

On 4 August 2015, on behalf of the international trade union coalition representing 32 million workers in Europe, EFFAT, SEIU and EPSU issued a joint letter to the State aid registry of the European Commission. The letter shows the trade unions movement’s support to last year’s formal probe into Luxembourg's tax treatment of McDonald's.
In the letter the coalition presents facts and observations proving the company’s market dominance and  tax-related corporate structure.
Making work in agriculture safer
“Both in Europe and globally, agriculture work is among the most dangerous professions, all sectors included. Nowhere else are accidents and diseases so common. In order to improve health and safety in our industry, we need more cooperation”, said Antonio PERIANES, EFFAT Agriculture President, on applying for a new EFFAT project. With this project, EFFAT would like to progress on Health and Safety matters by working with employers. Regarding musculoskeletal disorders, new national observatories must be created. Other topics include plant protection, the use of machinery and equipment, and lone-work, especially in forestry. OHS should be strengthened by cooperating with a larger number of partners. EFFAT is aiming at collaborating with new partners on social security systems.
Update on SABMiller EWC

The SABMiller EWC, assisted by EFFAT, held a meeting on 11—13 July. During the meeting a Management representative from ABInbev gave an update on both the acquisition and the divestment of SABMiller operations in Central and Eastern Europe. During the meeting it was decided that the SABMiller EWC will remain in place until new EWC agreement(s) with potential buyer(s) are signed. Furthermore, the EWC members will be consulted on the sale of the breweries in Central and Eastern Europe. They will be supported by Syndex and will meet with potential buyer(s). The main contact in the process are Enrico Somaglia (EFFAT representative) and Attila Saray (current Deputy Secretary). Representatives from the Canary Islands will join the ABInbev EWC. It was then decided that following the change the EWC representatives of the PGM-business will leave the SABMiller EWC and start negotiations with Asahi to establish a new EWC
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