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North American Association for Environmental Educators


The North American Association of Environmental Educators (NAAEE) held it's yearly conference in Canada for the first time in it's history. Ottawa welcomed researchers, enthusiasts, professionals and students  to engage and reflect on the future of the field and how we can best address the growing social and environmental challenges we face as a global society.

Among field trips, keynotes, & presentations focusing on everything from conservation education and sustainable communities to green schools and technology, Natural Curiosity ran a workshop on Environmental Inquiry attended by educators all over North America. We are grateful to NAAEE for the opportunity to continue the important conversation on best practices in teaching, for the sake of our students and our world. Learn more at

Forest School Canada

As a part of the NAAEE experience, Natural Curiosity had the opportunity to visit Carp Ridge Forest School, located just outside of Ottawa, Canada, to engage in place-based experiential learning in the outdoors with special guest, David Sobel. Forest School takes place in the same setting on a regular basis over an extended period of time, allowing students to develop a lasting connection to nature. In Ottawa, that local place is a magnificent rock quarry that provided many of the building materials for Ottawa's Parliament buildings. NAAEE guests explored the unique landscape, engaged in discourse about risk management and the opportunities in the outdoors, as well as reflected on their own experiences in local places that shaped their own natural identity. To learn more about Forest School Canada, visit

Special thanks to the Carp Ridge Forest School teaching team, Marlene Power and Petra Eperjesi, as well as special guest, David Sobel.

Resources for ReThinking

Now that the winter season is here, Learning for a Sustainable Future has some great outdoor activities that you can use to get your students outside to inspire inquiry in your classroom throughout the year!


Step Outside
Ever wonder what is happening seasonally in the Canadian landscape to help guide authentic and relevant Environmental Inquiries? Check out Step Outside! Early December calls for the molecular magic of ice and snow.

David Sobel joined the Forest School team in Ottawa to talk about how local projects provide a sense of place. 
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