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Summer is upon us, and with it comes long warm days and beautiful bright nights. As educators, the summer months give us time to stop, rest, and reflect. It offers us an opportunity to recharge our batteries, connect more closely with nature, and gives us the opportunity to see the world from a child’s perspective. On behalf of the team at Natural Curiosity I would like to encourage everyone to explore the world this summer from the perspective of a child. Take time to smell flowers, play in the sand, and watch ants build. We would like to thank everyone for offering up their feedback, support, and stories of inspiration that make Natural Curiosity a success. We look forward to continuing to build a community of like-minded educators, and making the Natural Curiosity website a true hub for people to go, share stories, and get inspired!

We have some very exciting projects happening in the new school year that we will be sharing with you shortly. Until then, have a safe and happy summer – and stay tuned for future updates and continued monthly newsletter come September!

Andrea Cousineau

Summer Institute!

Natural Curiosity and Learning for a Sustainable Future are really excited about our upcoming Summer Institute.  We’ve reached minimum enrolment and now are inviting you to fill the remaining spaces! Join us July 30 to August 1 for three days of professional inquiry and collaboration at the the Laboratory School at the Dr. Eric Jackman Institute of Child Study, 45 Walmer Road, Toronto, ON (Bloor & Spadina).  It will be a meaningful experience because all of the educators attending care deeply about applying new insights to advance their practice.
We are looking forward to working with teachers who we have collaborated with in the past and those new to our inquiry-based PD approach.  Ideally we suggest you attend with a colleague so that you are ready to carry on with mutual support back at your school. The focus of this Institute is Using Inquiry Learning to Build Community in elementary classes.  This is a rich doorway to the transformative, holistic learning that many see as the best way that people learn to become engaged citizens.
Until the session is full, registration is available through this link (Click on the poster above to download the PDF for more information.)

Natural Curiosity:
French Edition!

We are thrilled to share the news that in the coming school year, Natural Curiosity will be developing a French edition of our resource! In working with the French-Language Policy and Programs Branch at the Ministry of Education, we will be partnering with two public French schools in Toronto to collect new stories and follow inquiry explorations and journeys in French-speaking classrooms.

“If you are paying any attention whatsoever during this inquiry process you will have a really fine-grained understanding of what the child understands (...) You see their developing understanding, as opposed to a snapshot in one moment.” - Ben Peebles
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