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Edward Burtynsky Award Has Gone National 
This award which recognizes excellence in Environmental Inquiry, is now accepting application from Teachers AND Early Childhood Educators across CANADA!

What would you do with your winnings? See what last year's winners accomplished with their reward.

Past Award Winners

Grand Prize Winner
Ellie Clin - The Grove Community School, TDSB
Rebecca Birtzu - Christian Island Elementary School

Woodland Heights Elementary School - TVDSB

Christian Island Elementary School
Professional Inquiry

Last year via Skype, Natural Curiosity supported a professional development day on Environmental Inquiry with Christian Island Elementary School. In late January of this year, Natural Curiosity continued its partnership with the school and facilitated a one-day Inquiry Institute with the entire staff. Read their feedback about the experience below. 
"The Professional Development with Haley was inspirational as her objective to "get students outside for the sake of going outside" was so motivating, I was immediately thinking of ways to take advantage of our environment here on Christian Island.  Within weeks after her PD, my students and I engaged in a day-long hike where many opportunities stemming around environmental inquiry have piqued my students' interest in protecting and exploring the habitat that surrounds them.  I also found the Natural Curiosity text a helpful resource as it has many exemplars ranging across all grade levels and plenty of visuals.  Miigewech, Haley!"

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Take your Learning Outside this Summer! 
Take your learning outside this summer by joining the Additional Qualification course in Environmental Education at OISE! This course provides an engaging introduction to teaching and learning in, about, and for the environmental for elementary and secondary teachers through a combination of lectures, workshops, outdoor and experiential learning. This blended course offers in-person classes and an online component.  The TDSB subsidizes the cost of this course for its teachers. Visit OISE’s AQ website for more info. 
Apply today for the Edward Burtynsky Award! Application deadline has been extended to April, 30th. 

Inquiry Institutes

Peterborough, ON - April 20-21 (flyer)
Vancouver, BC - April 24-25 (flyer)
Burlington, ON - May 15-16 (flyer)

Read testimonials from educators about their experience at our Inquiry Institutes and register here.

Upcoming Webinars

Wednesday, April 12 - Livable, resilient communities. 
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EECOM's EE Conference

May 18-21, 2017
Wolfville, Nova Scotia

Explore and share how innovative learning inspires a deeper connection to nature, more sustainable lifestyles and livelihoods, resilient communities while supporting a life-giving planet. 
For more information and to register, click here.

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