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How to Get your Students Outside
in the Winter 


Explore Winter Habitats
There is a whole world of living things at home in colder climates. Discover winter homes and wildlife right outside your classroom.
Have a "Winter Challenge"
Snow presents an exciting change of environment to build a tower, collaboratively move a giant snowball, or plan a scavenger hunt.
Do an Outdoor Experiment
Changing seasons offer a unique opportunity to look at scientific concepts and theories right in the out-of-doors.
Enjoy Being Out in Nature
Don't forget to do the thing that every child loves to do outside in the snow: play!

Give the Gift of Reading
Children's Book Recommendations

Over and Under the Snow
Discover a secret world in this stunning depiction of life in winter habitats. A wonderful provocation to get students thinking about the life cycle of animals throughout various seasons.

Picture a Tree
Full of beautiful and thought-provoking imagery, this book allows readers to consider the many faces, functions, and stories of trees in diverse contexts. A perfect opportunity to invite students to draw or consider how they might picture a tree themselves.

Bob and Otto
A warm and heart-felt story of two friends who go on a journey to discover their great impact on the other's life and wellbeing, inviting students to think about the environmental synergy of all living things.

Resources for Thinking is a project developed by Learning for a Sustainable Future. Their Step Outside publication is a Nature's Guide to the seasonal happenings that can be used to bring nature into the classroom, and the classroom outside into nature. Sign up here for their newsletter.

This month you can read about The Molecular Magic of Ice and Snow.
What to Expect in the New Year!
A new website.
January 6th we will be launching our brand new website -  a place where all teachers, schools, and organizations in the Natural Curiosity community can be connected, inspired, and resourced.  

A new award.
Stay tuned for an exciting new award opportunity!

Spring Institute.
In May 2014, Natural Curiosity and the Robertson Program for Inquiry-Based Teaching in Mathematics and Science will be hosting the second annual Spring Institute. Registration will be available in early March.
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