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Teacher Excellence Award

Marlo Sobush


We would like to congratulate Marlo Sobush, the Grade 3/4 teacher at the Johnny Therriault School, for winning the Teacher Excellence Award from the Kenjgewin Teg Educational Institute. The award is given annually to three teachers from First Nation Schools. They are recognized for their enthusiasm for learning, contributing to the school community, inspiring students, creating innovative and challenging opportunities, showing a commitment to their own professional learning and demonstrating an understanding or willingness to learn the traditional teachings. Marlo is writing about her Environmental Inquiry story for our upcoming 2nd edition of Natural Curiosity. Marlo and Bill Beaucage, the principal at Johnny Therriault School, will also be presenting about Natural Curiosity and Inquiry at the Matawa Education Annual Conference

Upcoming Inquiry Institutes

Who should attend?

Kindergarten and Elementary educators of all grades who wish to explore how authentic inquiry is being applied to address expectations in social studies, science, language and other subjects. 
School administrators and system leaders who wish to support transformative inquiry-based learning. 

Summer Institute dates forthcoming. 

Book Recommendation 

Cindy, the Grade 2 teacher at JICS Lab School recommends Pine and the Winter Sparrow by Alexis York Lumbard. Cindy's class is deeply engaged in an Inquiry around birds, which connects to the Ontario Curriculum expectation of  Growth and Change in Animals. 
"Have you ever wondered why pine trees stay green all winter long and don't lose their leaves like other trees? According to an ancient legend attributed to the Cherokee Indians, it was a simple act of kindness towards an injured little bird that earned pine trees this very honour."
We are updating  and adding to our Pinterest book recommendation board. If you have a book that has inspired Environmental Inquiry please share it on our Twitter or Facebook page and we will share it in our newsletter. 

Chriss Bogert, the VP at the JICS Lab School has challenged our entire staff to share their resolutions for a better planet using the hashtag #BecauseItsRealChallenge, because climate change is real! Small changes make sustainable habits. What's your 2016 resolution? We challenge you to post your resolutions to our Twitter or Facebook page and we will feature your resolution in our next newsletter. 

Edward Burtynsky Award
for Teaching Excellence
in Environmental Education

This Award was created in order to recognize and celebrate outstanding elementary school teachers in the province of Ontario who, through their exemplary teaching methods, create learning opportunities that inspire students to become environmentally conscious, responsible world citizens who take sustainable action that protects and restores the environment, thereby creating hope for future generations.
David Suzuki
Fellowship Award 

In recognition of excellence
in pre-service Environmental Education

The Laboratory School at the Dr. Eric Jackman Institute of Child Study would like to honour two promising teacher candidates graduating in 2016 from an accredited Ontario Faculty of Education program.
Natural Curiosity is excited to continue with online applications for all awards.  Apply today with ease for either the Suzuki or Burtynsky award! Application deadline is March 31st, 2016!
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