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Winter Holiday Edition!
Happy Winter, everyone! As the temperature is dropping and the snow is beginning to fall, the beautiful and dormant landscape calls to us to explore and discover. Seasonal changes offer a unique opportunity not just for students and teachers, but for all of us to remember the wonder of this special time in our natural world. Stop to marvel at the falling snowflakes, the animal tracks in the snow, and your cloud of breath in the cold air. Have a wonderful holiday as you take time to rest, play, and make memories! 

Give the Gift of Reading

Recommended Literature

Books are a wonderful way to inspire inquiry, lead to a deeper connection to and understanding of the local community, seasonal changes and a love of the outdoors. Great for various ages of learners!



Pinterest offers a unique online, shareable network of teacher resources to collect and be inspired by. Natural Curiosity has just updated it's own Pinterest account with useful books, materials, online partners & inquiry provocations.

Enjoy perusing the many "pins" over the holidays! 

The new year is upon us and there are many things to look forward to in 2015! 

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