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Joanne Marie Babalis
on Inquiry & Classroom Environments


Joanne is a Full-Day Early Learning Kindergarten teacher for the York Region District School Board who is on a journey through inquiry-based teaching and early learning.

She was kind enough to invite us into her classroom and share her thoughts on some important topics in education, as well as her own development as an educator who is always excited to learn from the students around her.

"Inquiry-based learning plays an integral role to our Full Day Kindergarten Program – we follow the students interests and their wonders. Having them involved in this way has changed everything that we do. We are partners in learning and they have taught us way more than we could have imagined. The engagement is unbelievable – the magic never fails! It may not even be the inquiry in particular, but the wonders that come out of them."
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Joanne's popular blog, Transforming our Learning Environment into a Space of Possibilities, was created with the intention of spreading important messages about Early Learning to a greater number of educators and students. 

Visit her blog to follow her classroom journey!
A huge THANK YOU to Joanne and her class for inviting us into their learning environment!


We are excited to announce that the award deadlines for Burtynsky, Suzuki, and Owlkids have been extended to April 11th.
Sibbald Point
Outdoor Education Center 

A Grade 4 class in the most northern point of the York Region District School Board engaged in a Pond Inquiry about Systems, Sustainability & Stewardship. We are excited to share their story with you and are thankful for their support of Natural Curiosity and Environmental Inquiry.
Read about their inquiry journey!
This picture book illustrates five common birds that can be found in the school yard or backyard in Ontario. Purchase the book or explore the cross-curricular activities!
Natural Curiosity: Building Children's Understanding of the World Through Environmental Inquiry
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