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Yes, crossing hands on the steering wheel IS allowed! 
I've lost count of the number of times learners have come to me, either from other instructors or with no previous experience, and the first thing they tell me is that they are 'not allowed' to cross their hands on the steering wheel. For the new learners, they've heard this nugget of advice from parents or other drivers, but those from other instructors are telling me they have been told by their instructor that they must not, under any circumstances, cross their hands on the steering wheel. This is blatantly untrue and is due to the fact that too often ADIs fail to keep up with what is happening in the industry (CPD!). If a learner from another instructor has gained good pull-push skills, using the whole of the wheel, then no problem, done well, this can be the safest form of on-road steering. But for the vast majority, they come along with a 'shuffling' style, where their hands have a 'stop' at quarter to three and they feel very uncomfortable. As soon as I tell them there is no need to do that if a rotational cross-over style comes more naturally to them when negotiating corners and carrying out manoeuvres, they are immensely relieved! To prove to them that I am giving them accurate information, I show them the relevant section in the  DVSA DT1 Standard Operating Procedure - you will find it on p59 under the heading of 'Technical Update'. This update, which was applied late 2010 on conclusion of the Hermes Project, states the following:

To ensure uniformity, when conducting car or vocational tests or ADI qualifying exams, only assess the candidate's ability to control the vehicle and do not consider it a fault if, for example, they do not hold their hands at ten to two or quarter to three, or if they cross their hands when turning the steering wheel. The assessment should be based on whether the steering is smooth, safe and under control.

So please, stop insisting on a particular steering style for your learners and emphasise only the fact that steering comes through the eyes - where you look the car will go! And ask them to assess - was their steering smooth, safe and under control? And who knows, they may actually ask you to teach them the pull-push style!

You can read the full DT1 document here.  Dile members will also find a copy in the Articles section in the member's area of the website.

Ged and Claire's blog:

Just check your b****y mirrors!

I referred to this blog post last week, a 2-part post which I highly recommend to you. I've had several qualified drivers, with 10+ years driving experience, telling me that you don't need to check your mirrors half as much as they tell you to for the test!  This is a direct result of learners being told, 'Check your mirrors - make sure the examiner can see you do it! You've got to do it for the test'! What kind of message does this send? But Ged and Claire give much better advice with their 'look, see, respond' mantra. This is exactly what was needed by drivers in a village near to me this week. School, Post Office, medical centre, parked cars and lots of traffic due to it being school time. Vehicles coming towards me overtaking parked cars. I slow down to stop and wait for them all, but one 'helpful' driver pulls over to let me through. But...he didn't check his b****y mirrors! If he had, he would have seen the line of traffic behind him preventing me from proceeding! I had to wave him through quite forcibly to 'unclog' the area!! So, if you haven't already done so, then do read this blog.

My other gripe is use of signals! You'll be pleased to know there's another great blog post from Ged & Claire on this subject. It's been around a long time this post, but has proved so popular that I was relieved when Ged & Claire took the decision to import this blog from their old website.
Read it here

A plea from Quentin Willson, FairFuelUK Campaign:
Ask your MEPs why we pay the highest tax on fuel compared with the EU!
Ask your MEP now  (It's all done for you, you just add your details and click!)

Laptops around the Globe

Live Webinars

Wed 14th May @8pm: Presented by Susan McCormack, this 30min presentation, followed by 30min question time, is to give you information about the content of the Tri-Coaching 'Raisining Awareness' Conference. The conference takes place next month, on the 23rd June at the University of East London (UEL), Docklands campus. Places are still available so why not join in this webinar and find out exactly what it could do for you. Back in 2006, I 'bit the bullet' and spent the money to attend a world conference in Dubai on driver education, focusing on young driver safety across the world. It was an amazing event, and it became the starting point of my journey in this business since that time. There were many top class speakers at that event, but one stood out for me as having the biggest influence on my own thinking, and that one person was Dr.Gregor Bartl, who is a speaker at this conference! I promise you, if you are ready to positively embrace the changes we are now seeing in our industry, then this is a 'must attend' conference for you! If not, then perhaps you should reconsider your future options? The change is here, now. Embrace it, attend this webinar and attend this conference!
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Tues May 27th, 8.00-9.30pm:
7 Secrets of Standards Check Success

As you might expect, this webinar is filling up, fast! So, if you want to find out what these secrets are, then grab your place now!
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Coming soon...
Mac McDade, Ideas4ADIs, will be speaking about creating quizzes for your learner drivers and attracting new clients with these quizzes. This webinar is scheduled for early July; registration link will be available nearer the time.

NLP with Chris Benstead

Show 72:
This show is actually the 2nd half of a show recorded with Chris Benstead as guest. In this show Chris gets to tell us all about NLP techniques and how NLP relates to teaching learner drivers. NLP is Neuro-Linguistic Programming and enables the brain to reprogramme the way it thinks about a particular issue. These techniques are especially useful for nervous drivers and for when any of your learners might find they have a fear of something specific, eg roundabouts.
Listen now

'Raising Awareness' Conference

June 23rd, UEL: 
The webinar on Wednesday this week will give you more information about this Tri-Coaching conference, but you can grab your ticket now - click here

ADINJC Conference
Sunday 12th October at the Copthorne Hotel in Dudley, with special guest speaker Quentin Willson (who some of you may remember from the early days of Top Gear).  Early bird price £45.
More info here

DIA Summer Roadshows - these events are FREE.
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Coaching the Standard - presented by Ian Edwards. Event takes place in Staffordshire.
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Standards Check and CCL:

Training days from the Tri-Coaching Partnership taking place in various locations around the country. 
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2-day courses at various locations which include the option for a BTEC level 3 qualification.
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