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High Desert Vapes is discontinuing the 3mL DIY flavor bottle size.  =(

The primary reasons we are going to stop carrying these is due to the matter of not being able to find this size with a child-proof cap as well as the fact that our new label printers do not have label sizes small enough to fit the existing bottles.

What this means for you the customer? Well, first it means a better value for your money as the 10mL and 30mL sizes are a much better deal, secondly, it allows us to use our new label printers which offer a new "smudge-proof" design. We've tested these new labels by soaking them in PG/VG/Nic Base for 1 week and they did not fade or smudge at all.

So, now for the good part:
We will be clearing out all of the 3mL DIY flavor bottles and will not re-stock them. So once a flavor's 3mL size is sold out, it will be removed from the site as an option to choose from. To take advantage of this offer, just use coupon code: 3ML when you checkout.

Now, for the bad news:

DO NOT USE THIS COUPON CODE FOR 10mL or 30mL DIY flavors. Your order will be cancelled and ONLY store credit will be issued, NOT REFUNDED.

I cannot stress this enough, if you re-post this sale on your favorite forum or social media outlet, please make sure you include the part about it being for 3mL DIY bottle sizes ONLY.

Our merchant charges us 18% for all CC transactions, both payments and credits. For example, if a customer orders $100 from us for this sale in 30mL bottles, it would cost us a total of $36.00 to accept the payment, then refund it back to the CC.

$36.00 for a customer mistake is crazy, but it is the price we pay to accept credit cards in the ecig industry. So we need your help in fully understanding the sale before you order and making sure you re-post all the details of this sale. If you have questions about this, please call us directly before you order: 505-433-4116


We hope you are enjoying our new website look and functionality.

All sales good from the time this newsletter was sent to 9/21/14 midnight MST or sooner if 3mL stock runs out as quick as we would hope.

Hey Cloud Chasers,

We've now got the Cloupor T5 50 watt mod IN STOCK. 
At last, the Aspire Nautilus Mini tank kit is now in stock. Believe the hype, these are the best tanks available on the market right now. 

We also have the Aspire BVC coils in stock as well. =)
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