Changes to your Runscope Account
Today we're announcing two changes in functionality to help improve the stability and performance of your Runscope account. As we've grown rapidly, some of our early features have not kept up, causing bottlenecks and subpar performance. To help remedy this, we're making changes to two seldom-used features that have had an outsized negative impact on overall performance.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reply to this email.

Changes to Traffic Inspector and Live Traffic Alerts

API calls generated from your Runscope API tests will no longer be viewable or stored in the Traffic Inspector. Only requests made through Gateway URLs, the gateway agent, the dashboard, request captures or the API will be displayed. These changes will take place immediately.

API test requests will also no longer be able to be matched in Live Traffic Alerts. If your alert criteria selects for requests generated from API tests, these alerts will no longer match or generate notifications. Pass/fail notifications for API test runs configured within a test or shared environment are unaffected.

API test request details will continue to be viewable and shareable from individual test results and will continue to count against your monthly usage limits.

Usage and Performance Metrics to be Removed

The "Usage" and "Performance" metrics sections of the Traffic Inspector will be deprecated on March 22nd. As you've probably noticed, these reports were frequently slow or completely broken as our backend metrics system has failed to keep up. Unfortunately, due the the volume of traffic we now handle, providing general purpose traffic analytics is no longer economically feasible.

As an alternative, we recommend setting up Live Traffic Alerts to track counts based on specific request criteria. We will be exploring additional ways to provide aggregate insight into your traffic in the future.

If you're unfamiliar with these metrics features, it's because they have been disabled for new accounts for the past few months.
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