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Dear Friends, 

The events surrounding the birth of Jesus filled the whole of heaven and earth with anticipation. It seemed that for a time any separation between heaven and earth had disappeared. Angels appeared common place. They started with a consistent opener to Zechariah, Mary, Joseph and the Shepherds – ‘Do not be afraid’. Luke records in chapters one and two the spontaneous prayers and prophecy that spilled out like living water from those who had been eagerly anticipating heaven to touch earth. Even the stars aligned with heaven’s agenda and bowed down.
That first advent was full of expectant waiting, anticipation and announcements.
As we enter advent season and look around at our culture, what is the message we have? Surely it chimes with that first advent, ‘Do not be afraid, peace, a light has come’. A message not for the angels to herald, but a message Jesus has commissioned us to announce. As we enter into the Spirit of advent and participate let remind ourselves and others what Christ’s Mass is all about.
Woven into the fun and festivity is rich symbolism and tradition, things that can centre us on Christ in the midst of some of the consumer madness. Christmas colours are gold, red and green
  • Gold was given by the magi and symbolises royalty.
  • Red reminds us of Jesus’ blood and his sacrifice for all humanity.
  • Green depicts eternal life and the Christmas tree is evergreen.
  • Candles and lights remind us that Jesus is the light of the world.
  • Gifts are given just as the magi first offered gifts to Jesus and God offered himself to the world.
Have a great Christmas,
The Fusion team 
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