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It's never too early or too late to work towards being the healthiest YOU start with your posture

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Most of us are aware that correct posture and proper alignment are of great importance, and on closer inspection, it transpires that it is the foundation of our overall health.

All our 11 bodily systems rely on it and depend on each other for optimal functioning, and like the Domino Effect, each one needs the others to maintain good health.

However, correct posture isn’t limited to a beautiful ballerina stance, but encompasses the alignment of all our internal organs, our muscles, as well as the nervous system.

It is therefore a good idea to start any health journey with assessing our posture first, and if need be, seeking the help of a professional that can help with aligning our musculoskeletal system, and advise us on a way forward. 

In this issue of Sanko Insights, we explore effective therapies and activities which can help with postural alignment, and share informative articles from specialist Pilates, Myofascial Release and Biokinetics practitioners.

We are also delighted to share with you short videos on realigning your nervous system from a Yoga and Meditation expert, and a quick overview into the importance of our Vagus nerve, and simple tips how to keep a good vagal tone. 

In addition, please check out the online courses from Posture Ellie and (P)Rehab Guys, who can guide you to strength and better alignment with their easy to do exercise routines from the comfort of your home.  


Vamshi, Zee and the Sankō team


Postural Alignment = Overall Health

From the ancient practices of Yoga where correct posture and alignment is key for maximum health benefits, many rehabilitative, hands-on therapies and healthful activities of today are based on the same basic principles of correct postural alignment, and despite their varying approaches and techniques, they have one common goal - to help people improve their overall health, and enjoy a better quality of life. 

We are all unique with varying tastes and physical abilities, so luckily there are numerous modalities we can explore and engage in to find out which resonates with us the most.  

So if you'd like to improve your posture and align your body overall, why not try something different? You could try a Ballet or Chi Gong class near you, or explore the following practices:

Alexander Technique, Biokinetics, Chi Nei Tsang, Chiropractic, Myofascial ReleaseOsteopathy, Pilates, Podiatry, Rolfing, Shiatsu, Tai Chi, Yoga


The Power of Good Posture

By Belinda Spanswick 

Correct posture is about maintaining the alignment of the 3 natural curves of the spine and our weight evenly distributed over both feet, in order for the body to function as nature intended. When our bones and joints are in the right position, it not only reduces the risk of injury and wear and tear, but the muscles work more efficiently, one can breathe more freely, the digestive system functions optimally and our circulation and central nervous systems work as expected.

Self-management Tips

Gentle Nervous System Realignment

with Selina Gullery 

Enjoy the health benefits of Selina's short videos, helping you to regulate and balance your nervous system for overall easiness. 

Video 1 (9 mins) focuses on neck mobility, helping to release the tension we carry in the region
Video 2 (6 mins) focuses on the Vagus nerve/Vagal tone
Video 3 (8 mins) focuses on the breath and on being present, while drifting into a comfortable meditation

Vagus Nerve activation

The Vagus nerve, or the "Wandering" Nerve, is the longest cranial nerve in the body, and is the major bi-directional messenger between the brain and all of our organs and glands, involved in practically every function in the body including digestion and the immune system. 

There are several factors that can put pressure on the nerve, which can severely impact our health. Constant spinal misalignment, slouching and 'text-neck' for example, as well as sleeping in an awkward position, so please be aware of these in order to improve your Vagal tone. 

Easy ways to activate your Vagus Nerve are the following: 
Contrast Showers, Breathwork, Yoga, Meditation, Aerobic exercise, as well as Humming, Chanting, Singing, Laughter, Music and Sound Bath. 

If you'd like to learn more about how Vagus Nerve function impacts our health, please check out Dr. Navaz Habib's amazingly detailed yet easy to read book.

Evidence-based experiences

Our picks are based on evidence and quality. We solely recommend them for the health benefit of users. Sanko has a strict policy of no sponsors or advertisers.

Posture Perfect 
with Posture Ellie

6 week programme aimed at restoring function to the joints in your body 

Learn the basics of posture with 7 different posture routines to try, which become more challenging week on week.

Posture Perfect is Posture Ellie’s original online course, and contains a handful of introductory videos and 7 exclusive, postural improvement exercise routines to help you improve your posture, balance, strength and function, in a methodical way that gets more challenging over time.

Suitable for those just starting out in the world of posture, this is less theory-heavy and more of a taster to posture therapy than Groundwork, a more comprehensive programme.

You can sign up for Posture Perfect course here.

Foot & Ankle (P)rehab programme 
with The (P)rehab Guys

The (P)rehab Guys offer a series of comprehensive programmes on strengthening the body, and their Foot and Ankle strengthening programme is a great way to learn useful exercises as tools for a steady good posture, in order to enjoy life to the full.  

The Foot & Ankle [P]rehab Program is a physical therapist developed, step-by-step program to help you minimise Foot & Ankle pain and optimise your lower body health.

It will teach you how to regain and improve mobility and balance as well as how to build a strong foundation through your entire leg from the bottom up starting with your foot and ankle. 

Curated bookshelf

Postural Awareness

By Andries Lodder 
Many of us believe that our posture is very good, but the truth is that our brain has adapted to feeling balanced and straight even when we’re not. 

Posture refers to a person’s body in space and the alignment of different body parts in relation to one another.

Constant bad posture can lead to musculoskeletal misalignment causing pain, and to correct this, we need to have postural awareness.

Read more

Posture Pain Fix

By Rosalind Ferry

An extremely practical book which shows you exactly how and where your body posture is leading to the pain you feel.

Our body is one long kinetic chain, and when we compensate in one area, it can lead to a host of related issues in a totally different area/s.

With clear illustrations for how to go about your daily tasks, Rosalind Ferry has your alignment in mind.

Read takeways from Theresa Destrebeq
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