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In 2022, start your health journey from a clean page with Sanko…

Dear Reader,

For the past year or so, we have been in the process of developing a digital platform with a mission to make evidence-based complementary therapies and lifestyle medicine mainstream, so more people can benefit from the practical guidance to effectively manage chronic conditions and improve their overall health. 

We called it Sankō – San is a Sanskrit word for ‘bestowing’, and Ankō is a Japanese word for ‘balanced health’.
Despite Sanko being in its early stages, we'd like to share our fortnightly newsletters to bring you focused, easy to adopt health tips and useful information from latest research and leading industry experts. Every edition will be tailored towards a specific health issue, but the information provided will be helpful for improving overall health. 


Vamshi, Zee and the Sankō team

Re-setting digestive health

Post festive season, numerous digestive issues manifest or come to light again, their symptoms and their causes varying with each person, but they have one thing in common - the healing approach to recovery - embracing lifestyle changes, almost always consisting of healthy eating and some form of movement or exercise.
Because our digestive health is of the utmost importance for our overall wellbeing, our gut needs to be cared for so we can thrive, just like a garden needs to be cultivated and maintained in order to flourish…. But where to start??
So, if you are experiencing abdominal discomfort, bloating, acid reflux, constipation, diarrhea or IBS, or have been diagnosed with other digestive disorders, you are welcome to add following self-management tips to your daily routine.

Although our product is still in early stages of development, you can explore more recommendations for reseting digestive health here. Please let us know your thoughts.

Self-management Tips


German Chamomile Matricaria recutita (syn Matricaria chamomilla

Chamomile has been highly valued in addressing various digestive problems for millennia.
It’s beautiful daisy-like flowers are an uplifting sight with an herbaceous bittersweet aroma reminiscent of a wildflower meadow. This tiny flower yields a deep inky blue viscous essential oil packed with anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic and calming plant constituents.
These properties give chamomile flowers their renowned healing qualities: calming the digestive system whilst stilling a busy mind and soothing irritated, inflamed skin and mucous membranes.
Chamomile’s bittersweet flavour kickstarts the digestive system, as our body’s response to this bittersweet taste encourages the release of secretions such as saliva in the mouth, and the production of digestive enzymes and bile by the liver, improving digestion and absorption, and enabling us to get the best nourishment from our diet.
In addition, the carminative properties of blue chamomile flowers are extremely effective in treating conditions like bloating, abdominal distention, flatulence, abdominal pain, ulcerative colitis and IBS.
Herbal tea made from dried chamomile flowers
Essential oil, diluted in carrier oil and used topically (see tip 2)
Samantha Entwisle – Medical Herbalist


Abdominal self-massage with Essential Oils

Abdominal massage is a gentle, relaxing, easy to do and non-invasive self-management tool to help treat a wide variety of health concerns, especially those related to the digestive system and gut health.

The positive effects can be noticed after only 5 or 10 minutes per day, until symptoms or condition eases.

The use of therapeutic essential oils enhances the overall healing process.
How to perform abdominal massage on yourself:

Apply oil mixture to the whole abdomen (use 2 teaspoons of carrier oil with 4 drops blue camomile flower essential oil).
  1. Lying of your back, place a pillow under your knees to ensure your back is comfortably flat on the floor/bed and the abdominal muscles are relaxed for the massage
  2. With your stomach exposed, use the whole hand, connecting the palm and fingers to the abdomen, and slowly and gently massage your entire stomach in a clockwise direction a few times
  3. Moving to the centre line of your abdomen, massage with gentle circular motion from below the sternum to the pubic bone, move 3 cm to the left, and repeat. Repeat this pattern 3 more times (each time moving 3 cm to the left) then back to centre and repeat the same massage pattern on the right.
  4. Next, press your fingers into your navel, and continue massaging with gentle pressure and tiny circles around the navel in clockwise direction, spiralling outwards as you complete each circle, eventually covering the whole abdomen.
Enjoy the warmth of your hand and notice the sensations and feedback from your body; some areas might feel tight and others soft. You might find that areas of tension start to soften after a while. 
The oil will be well absorbed into your skin by now, however, you are welcome to clean the residue with a soft face-cloth and warm water with some bicarbonate of soda.  

Cautionary note: avoid massage when you have a temperature.

Curated bookshelf

Healthy gut microbiome for digestive health

The efficiency and function of our gut is dependent upon the health of our microbiome; but stress, anxiety, processed food, medications and many other factors are impacting the diversity and richness of the gut microbiome impacting our long-term health.



Gut by Giulia Enders takes the reader on a fascinating journey of the entire digestive system from the mouth, tonsils, digestive tract, stomach and intestines to the bowels, and highlights the vital role our gut bacteria play in our wellbeing.


Sanko: The one stop Wellbeing & Lifestyle Medicine platform
for prevention and practical management of multiple chronic health conditions
Please note that the information provided in this newsletter is intended for informational purposes and is not a substitute for medical care if your symptoms or health conditions are severe. If they are, please consult medical practitioner
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