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Since Dandelions can endure almost any living condition, they represent overcoming hardship by standing strong and proud

Dandelion is also a symbol of the sun, always encouraging, giving us strength



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In our last issue, we highlighted that imbalances and dysfunctions of our metabolic, hormonal and endocrine processes are the real culprits of weight and obesity issues.

Continuing with this complex topic, we share some more practical information and possibilities to approach healing, and share an incredibly heart-warming and inspiring story illustrating that overcoming chronic weight issues is possible with the right mindset and lifestyle choices.
Mindset, lifestyle choices and acceptance of our own body frame, as Sam Entwisle explains in her article on the Ayurvedic approach, is important to achieving balanced weight. As our skeletal structure differs from person to person, so we need to embrace our own natural body constitution, and work with it in harmony and gratitude. 

We also bring you reflections from a profound book that is a must read for anyone struggling with weight management.


Vamshi, Zee and the Sankō team

A true inspiration: Jeff's story 

"My name is Jeff, and sometimes Jefe depending on who you ask. I come from Atlanta, Georgia, and was raised on a steady diet of fast food, talk radio, and second-hand cigarette smoke.

The person I have become, and the life I have chosen for myself is a mindful, and ethically conscious international yoga teacher and motivator.

But it has been a helluva journey for which I am deeply grateful, as it has allowed me to explore many different perspectives of our world, so let me share a taste of this journey with you…."

Read full story


Self-management Tips

Stretching out to trim down

Exercise changes body’s composition, and improves our resting metabolism, however, stretching also helps with weight management in several beneficial ways. It reduces muscle tension and increases blood circulation throughout the entire body, helping to dissipate stress, promoting relaxation, yet boosting our energy levels.

Controlling stress through the practice of stretching is beneficial for weight management and overweight issues. Stress causes our adrenal glands release excess cortisol (referred to as the stress hormone), which is manageable in short term, however, chronic stress leads to health risks such as weight gain, weakened immune system, hypertension and elevated blood glucose levels. The calming effects of stretching helps disrupt this cycle.

Stretching also helps with muscle function and ‘muscle remodelling’ - a concept of increased capacity for exercise through physiological, structural, and metabolic changes, and includes connective tissue strengthening, greater range of motion, and better joint alignment.


The power of kettlebells 

Kettlebells aren’t only for elite athletes; they benefit everyone from beginners to experienced weightlifters!

There are a whole variety of exercises and actions that can be achieved with kettlebells. The dynamic nature of kettlebell training brings a host of major health benefits as it helps raise our metabolic rate, thus encouraging fat loss, promotes flexibility, improves posture, strengthens our posterior chain (big muscle groups such as the hamstrings, gluteus maximus and erector spinae) and the heart

Technique is key however, so it is best to start training with a watchful eye of a professional to make sure your posture and alignment is correct for best and safest results, although simple exercises such as the kettlebell swing is really quite straightforward to learn, so once you know how, you can continue on your own and in your own time. 

Kettlebell swings are more protective for our backs than traditional weightlifting such as deadlifts, as the whole core is tightened in most kettlebell exercises. In fact, the whole body is often involved, as many parts are being challenged by gravitational force. This means that lower weights can be very effective.

To learn more about full benefits, read our expert's (Fiona Cath) view here.

And here is our recommended short video on how to do kettlebell swings safely.

Evidence-based products

Our product picks are based on evidence and quality. We solely recommend them for the health benefit of users. Sanko has a strict policy of no sponsors or advertisers.


Magnesium oil from Microbz

Today our soils are so depleted, that as a result, our food contains less magnesium. 

Magnesium is required for more than 300 biochemical reactions, is needed for optimal functions of all our systems, and plays several important roles in the health of our body and brain. Without it, our bodies would not be able to produce energy, muscles would be unable to contract and relax, and essential hormones and endocrine substances could not be made to help balance the body.

Microbz Magnesium Oil helps to boost the intra-cellular magnesium levels in the body, vital for overall health. 

Latest research shows that taking higher amounts of magnesium helps better control insulin and glucose blood levels, important for healing overweight and obesity, as well as being effective with the symptoms of bloating and water retention.

The European Food Safety Authority has also acknowledged that magnesium as a nutrient supports metabolism, maintenance of bone health, muscle function, nerve function, reduction of tiredness and fatigue, reduction of bruising and joints ache, and regulating the function of the heart muscles.

This oil is for external application only, and can be easily incorporated into the self care routine as a self massage, abdominal massage, foot massage, and used by professional massage therapists. If you wish to, check out the magnesium oil here.

Curated bookshelf

What body type am I?

A more accurate question might be: what constitution do I have? There are similarities between the physical body descriptions of the Ayurvedic body constitutions or doshas (vata, pitta, kapha), and the western body types of ectomorph, mesomorph and endomorph.

Read Samantha Entwisle's full article here.

Why We Eat (Too Much)

Dr Andrew Jenkinson combines case studies from his practice with new research and science of metabolism to illuminate how our appetite really works, and teaches us how to biohack our systems for success in sustainable weight loss.

Our 'takaway'  from the book can be found on our platform.
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