A new EU Alcohol Strategy coming up?
Ireland to pass strict alcohol legislation
The UK set to ban branded cigarette packs from May 2016
The House of Lords pleads for better alcohol regulation

The EU celebrates International Women's Day with a twist Copyright reform set to speed up
Better advertising to children
WHO takes a stand on sugar intake
Big Data = Big Accountability?
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The European Parliament in favour of new EU Alcohol Strategy?
Brussels, 30th January 2015: Following the latest scoping paper from CNAPA (the Committee on National Alcohol Policy and Action), alcohol seems to be under the spotlight again. Motion for resolution has been filed at the European Parliament calling for the European Commission to present the Action Plan and to start working on new EU Alcohol Strategy (2016-2022).
The document stresses that self-regulation could be more effective at protecting minors if followed by legally binding legislation. It calls for promotion of healthy lifestyles while recognizing that alcoholic beverages are a component of cultural life in certain Member States. In addition, the motion urges the Commission to produce the Report evaluating whether alcoholic beverages should in future be covered by the requirement to provide information on ingredients and nutritional content.
The Motion will be debated in ENVI Committee on 31st March 2015 and is expected to reach the plenary end of April 2015. Find the full text here.
The UK set to ban branded cigarette packs from May 2016
London, 11th March 2015: Britain's Parliament has approved legislation to ban branding on cigarette packs from May 2016. Following the lead of Ireland and Australia, the UK's House of Commons voted by 367-113, to pass the controversial legislation.  It means that from 2016 every packet will look the same except for the brand name, with graphic photos accompanying health warnings.  The proposal must still be debated and passed by the House of Lords before becoming law. The development has stirred a strong reaction from the industry who already announced legal action against the new legislation. Imperial Tobacco has said it would sue the UK government to protect its intellectual property rights.  Learn more here

Ireland to introduce strict legislation on alcohol
Dublin, 3rd February 2015: The Irish Ministry of Health has presented the outline of a new Alcohol Bill with strict rules on alcohol advertising and labelling to the Irish public, in an attempt to bring down alcohol consumption to the OECD average. The draft Bill itself can be expected in the following months and its adoption and enforcement by the end of the year.
The future Bill is set to limit marketing and advertising of alcohol on television and radio from 2016 to evening hours, restrict marketing and advertising of alcohol in outdoor media from 2018, and restrict marketing and advertising of alcohol in print media and much more. Learn more here

The UK’s House of Lords pleads for better alcohol regulation

London, 6th March 2015: The UK’s House of Lords has released a new report on alcohol as a result of long consultation process. It reiterates that the European Commission should act in domains of its competence: taxation and labelling while recognizing the need for stricter alcohol regulation.
Moreover, the Report calls for the UK Government to press the European Commission to make mandatory labelling of alcoholic beverages to include information on the strength, the ingredients, nutrition, and the dangers of drinking during pregnancy. Furthermore, it stresses that the Commission should review the structure and functioning of the European Health and Alcohol Forum. Get the full report here

The EU celebrates International Women’s Day with a twist
Brussels, 5th March 2015: As the European Union celebrated the International Women’s on 5th March 2015, EU officials were busy setting the gender agenda. The European Commission released the annual report on equality between women and men which shows that 76% of the EU citizens believe that gender equality should be a priority. Gender pay gap and violence against women are also identified as two main priority areas of action. Get the full report here.
Only two weeks earlier, a different kind of report has been tabled at the European Parliament calling for immediate political action that would reduce societal gender gap. This draft report outlines that the Gender Strategy 2015-2020, in the form of practical of action plan, should be adopted.  It is divided in five thematic areas: general recommendations, violence against women, work and time, women in power and decision making with clear messages setting the agenda on each one of them. Join the debate, read the report here

Copyright reform set to speed up

Brussels, 15th January 2015: Digital Single Market has become the buzz word in Brussels and a copyright reform is considered to be the key to its completion. Even though the European Commission has not put forward the legislative proposal, the European Parliament already started debating how the future copyright regime should look like. Member of the European Parliament, Julia Reda, submitted a draft report which attracted more than 550 amendments. The report itself is not legally binding but it sets the tone for future discussion and a legislative proposal which will soon follow.
Reda’s report calls for copyright reform and it stresses that the European Copyright Title would harmonize 28 existing copyright regimes. It calls for improvements to the contractual position of authors and performers and much more. Download the report here

Better advertising to children

Brussels, February 2015: The EU Pledge has released a report on 2014 showing that 98.5% of TV ads and 97% of company websites are compliant with cross-industry commitments to more responsible advertising to children. Furthermore, since 2005, there has been a very substantial 88% reduction in children’s exposure through children’s programmes, to advertising for products that do not meet nutrition criteria.
The EU Pledge is a voluntary initiative by leading food and beverage companies to change food and beverage advertising to children under the age of twelve in the EU. It is considered to be one of the most successful industry self- regulation initiatives. Read the full report here.

World Health Organization – Europe takes a stand on sugar intake for adults and children

Geneva, 4th March 2015: World Health Organization has just released new guidelines on sugar intake for adults and children. The guidelines recommend reducing the intake of free sugars to less than 10% of total energy intake. Having conducted a study, the WHO stresses that a high level of free sugar intake is of concern, because of its association with poor dietary quality; obesity and risk of non-communicable diseases (NCDs). NCDs are the leading causes of death and were responsible for 38 million (68%) of the world’s 56 million deaths in 2012. Risk factors such as poor diet and physical inactivity are some of the most common causes of NCDs.  Read more here

European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS) releases 2015-2019 strategy
Brussels, 2nd March 2015: The EU supervisory authority for data protection was established in 2011. Its responsibility is to monitor the processing of personal data by the EU institutions and bodies and to advise on policies and legislation that affect privacy. In its strategy, the EDPS recognizes 3 strategic objectives: data protection goes digital, forging global partnerships and opening a new chapter for the EU. 
The EDPS calls for swift conclusion of data protection reform and synthesizes the issue in a seemingly simple phrase:  Big Data = Big Accountability. You can find the full report here.

You think your agency has the most effective ad out there?
Prove it.

The EACA Euro Effie Awards 2015 call for entries is open until 15th April 2015 (late entry deadline: 15th May 2015).
The EACA Euro Effies are the Gold Standard in Commercial Communications Effectiveness and recognise excellence in commercial communications for campaigns that have run and can prove effectiveness in at least two European countries. To be considered for a Euro Effie, campaigns must offer proof of having met or exceeded clearly stated objectives. Judging procedures are primarily based on objective evidence of performance against goals. For more information on the Awards, please visit or contact or like Euro Effies on Facebook.
Let the world know that you CARE. Enter the CARE Awards!
The 2015 Call for Entries for the EACA Care Awards is open until 17th March 2015. These Awards for European Social Marketing Campaigns recognise excellence in promoting care for people, resources and the environment. They are part of the EACA’s overall commitment to promote Corporate Social Responsibility and are linked to the ACT Responsible online gallery and the ACT Responsible World Tour.
The awards will be judged by a panel of Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) chaired by Czech MEP Dita Charanzova (ALDE) together with agency representatives and stakeholders. Entering the Care Awards represents a unique opportunity to present CSR work to an important political audience.  Click here to enter the Awards.
For more information on the Awards, please visit: or contact                                                                             
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The newly launched EACA job finder, which is available on, is open for agencies to register for a 6-month free trial. Agencies looking to recruit across Europe can simply post their job vacancies on the platform helping them with the recruitment process and in the long-run creating an online employer/job seeker community for our industry across Europe.

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Don’t miss a chance to get your advertising knowledge certified!

Do you really know everything about advertising? You feel that you could improve? Submit your exam registration before 19th March 2015 to participate in the fourth edition of the European Advertising Certificate (EAC), which provides the perfect foundation for all professionals in the commercial communications field. 
The three-hour written examination will take place on 26th March 2015 in all participating countries across Europe and results will be announced in June 2015. Those who pass will receive an EAC Certificate which is highly regarded within the industry
There is still time to complete the whole learning (30-35 hours) and be able to take the exam, so register today at :    

Ad Venture judging is approaching!

Students participating in Ad Venture 2015, the biggest edcom student competition, are finalizing their campaigns, which must be submitted by 18th March 2015. This year’s challenge is to raise awareness about the benefits which space exploration brings to the daily lives of European citizens and it is organized in cooperation with the European Space Agency (ESA).
We would like to thank everyone who agreed to sit in the jury and remind them that the 1st round judging will take place online on 25th March-14th April 2015. You will shortly receive more details on the judging process. 
Who are Ad Venture judges? Meet these outstanding experts here

Don’t miss EACA Summer School! Apply before 24th April 2015!
Want to develop strategic storytelling skills, acquire programmatic advertising knowledge and get to work with real professionals on an exciting client brief? Then join EACA International Supper School! Applications are now open for students and young professionals! From 6th to 10th July 2015 participants will attend workshops delivered by leading advertising practitioners at the Campus CEADE: Centro Universitario San Isidoro in Seville, Spain. During the week, they receive a hands on training before they get down to work a single real client brief. 
This year, participants will pitch for the group Barbadillo, a wine producer located in a small paradise in Southern Spain, Sanlúcar de Barrameda. The client will offer Summer School participants a tour of their facilities with an explanation of the production process, as well as a wine tasting. 
Deadline for applications: 24th April 2015. To find out more about the Summer School, please click here
European broadcasters demonstrate their optimism for 2015 and beyond

Whilst the consumption of media is undergoing remarkable change, bringing with it exciting new opportunities for brands to engage with consumers, experts agree on one thing: television and radio retain their position as the only media that can deliver the content that people love with mass reach and high relevance. Even in uncertain times, ZenithOptimedia predicts both television and radio in Europe will post more than 2% growth1 in advertising expenditures over the course of 2015, building on a similar performance in 2014. Read the full article here

WARC 100: The world’s best marketing campaigns

Warc has announced the 2015 results of the Warc 100 – recognising the 100 smartest marketing campaigns of the past year, as well as the world's top marketing companies and countries. 
Top campaign was 'Kan Khajura Tesan', work by PHD and Lowe Lintas for Hindustan Unilever. This campaign reached 'media dark' rural Indian populations with an always-on mobile media channel. It beat 'Real Beauty Sketches' (PHD and Ogilvy & Mather Brasil for Dove) and 'Travel Yourself Interesting' (an Expedia campaign from Ogilvy & Mather London) into second and third places respectively. Click here to view the Warc 100 list. 

EACA partners with Advertising Week Europe
Advertising Week Europe returns to London for its third edition on 23rd March. It is a week-long celebration of inspiration. The Week is grounded in thought leadership uniting a broad cross-section of industry leaders from the client, creative and media community with the world of popular culture.
During this year’s programme, EACA will be organising:
  1. A panel on the theme of innovation-driven futures for Europe, to discuss what advertising and new technologies can contribute to European recovery;
  2. A panel of European creative directors looking at creative trends in Europe; 
  3. A showcase of the best European creative campaigns of the last 12 months.
Don’t miss out on special prices for EACA members! For more information, please contact  

WFA: Global Marketer Week 2015
16th-20th March 2015: Marrakech is the venue for Global Marketer Week 2015. Co-hosted with the Moroccan Association of Advertisers (GAM), it will bring together global marketing leaders from 30 countries, including the world's biggest brands. From the showpiece WFA/GAM Global Marketer Conference to networking cocktails, all events are free of charge to WFA members. For more details about the week, please click here. For general enquiries, registrations or conference enquiries, contact

Event listing for ProcureCon Marketing 2015 

The 3rd annual ProcureCon Marketing conference, is taking place from the 2nd to 4th June, 2015 at the Hotel Russell in London, UK. ProcureCon Marketing will enable you to benchmark, share best practice and identify new tools and solutions in an intimate networking environment and is the only exclusively marketing procurement conference on the calendar in 2015. To register with our exclusive discount of 15%, use the code ‘EACA15’ here.  For more information on the conference download the latest agenda here.

World Radio Day: Commercial Radio, a tool to connect
On this World Radio Day, the Association of European Radios (AER), representing more than 4500 commercially funded radios from all across Europe, would like to recall that radio is a great tool to connect people, as it is everywhere, free, trustable and you just need to press a button to start taking part in a conversation.
This year, AER would like to highlight a project launched in Finland called the “Silent Ones”. Stefan Möller, AER President introduces this campaign: “The Silent Ones is a campaign and a popular movement in which lonely people get a voice. The aim is to reduce the amount of loneliness in Finland. The Silent Ones is a reminder that commercial radio has social significance. We transmit the message that commercial radio, as an active player, need not simply wring its hands: it can do something about, the matter.” More information on this campaign here
Read the full article here

I-COM Global Summit San Sebastian 2015: Smart Data: The Value Driven Approach

Building on the success of Seville, I-COM will take its next Global Summit to beautiful San Sebastian, Spain, 27th-30th April 2015. The I-COM Global Summit is the world's leading Data & Measurement Strategy event, where the Data Elite gather from around the world to learn, network / trade and lead. It’s a unique opportunity to explore the latest opportunities to achieve business advantage from Marketing Data & Measurement. For more information, contact Jelena Zdjelar, Marketing manager ( or visit

Learn about the future of broadcasting in London
Marketforce’s annual The Future of Broadcasting conference will be taking place on the 16th & 17th June in London. This major industry forum brings together leaders, strategists and innovators from across this diverse and rapidly evolving sector. Some of the key industry players such as Sky, BT TV, BBC, Viacom, TalkTalk, EE, Google and UKTV will be present. Register here.

Africa Rising: An IAA Leadersip Conference

Accra, 27th April 2015: Renowned international speakers will share their thought-provoking ideas and innovations and challenge local practitioners to adopt international best-practice during the next IAA Africa Rising conference. African-based senior executives will showcase the best of Africa’s talent and bring unique insights on the African consumers and implications for international brands looking to operate in this diverse market. If you work in the marketing communications and advertising industry then this two-day event is something you cannot afford to miss.  Register now:
Golden Hammer international advertising festival heads for the beach
This year’s Golden Hammer international advertising festival will run from 9th to 11th June in JÅ«rmala, the Baltic’s liveliest resort, just up the coast from Latvian capital RÄ«ga, a 2014 European Capital of Culture. In parallel with intensive jury sessions, leaders of foremost advertising and communications agencies from all over the world will read lectures and lead seminars on global industry trends. More information on the festival’s website
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