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Croatia Joins the EU

On 1 July 2013 Croatia became the 28th Member State of the European Union. As an immediate result of its accession, Croatia will benefit from the elimination of customs controls at European Union borders. This will make crossing borders with Slovenia or Hungary smoother lost for both people and goods.
At the same time, the accession Treaty for Croatia foresees a period of seven years during which Member States may choose to put restrict access by Croatian workers to their labour markets.  This is made up of a period of 2+3+2 years (a similar system as for Romania and Bulgaria). For the moment, complete information about the position of Member States on whether they will impose restrictions for Croatian workers is not yet available. This information will be made available on the website of the Commission's employment department in July 2013.


As of 1 July, Lithuania holds the Presidency of 
the Council of the 
European Union. As of 1 of January 2014, Lithuania will be followed by Greece. For the coming six months, Lithuania prioritises the following:
  • Credible Europe: the Presidency will strive to make progress towards sounder public finances in the EU and strengthen financial stability. This includes developing the Banking Union framework and making progress in the field of financial market reforms.
  • Growing Europe: effort will be invested in building on the Europe 2020 agenda and the Presidency will work to complete the initiatives of the Single Market Act I, advance the new initiatives under Single Market Act II which includes additional efforts to achieve quickly the objectives set in the Digital Agenda and the Communication on e-Commerce and Online Services
  • Open Europe: The Presidency will focus on the closer integration of the EU and its Eastern Partners, hosting the Eastern Partnership Summit in November 2013.
More information can be found on the Presidency website.

Brussels, 6 June 2013: the European Council Justice and Home Affairs Configuration discussed key issues on the proposal for a regulation setting out a general EU framework for data protection.

The discussions were carried on the basis of a document prepared by the Presidency. Delegations generally welcomed the considerable progress achieved on the draft regulation under the Irish Presidency.
Council representatives announced that no part of the draft regulation can be agreed until the whole text of the regulation is agreed. It was concluded during the meeting that “the amended text of chapters I to IV was a good basis for further progress on the draft regulation”, while the Chair stressed that debates on the draft text should take into account both the interests of citizens and of business, in particular small and medium enterprises.
At the same time, European Parliament Rapporteur – Jan Philipp Albrecht (Greens, Germany) – announced that the orientation vote in the Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs Committee was moved to autumn 2013 (mid-September – mid-October). The orientation vote will be followed by negotiations between European Parliament, Council and Commission (“Trialogue”).

Source: European Council Press Release.
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Brussels, 20 June 2013: Speaking at the joint meeting of the EU Platform on Diet, Physical Activity and health, European Commissioner for Health and Consumers Tonio Borg endorsed the achievements of the EU Pledge on food and beverage marketing to children:

“One excellent example of a commitment emanating from the Platform is the EU Pledge, whereby 20 leading food and beverage companies have committed themselves not to advertise to target children below the age of 12.  The effectiveness of the Pledge is made evident by the latest monitoring report – which you saw yesterday - which showed a downward trend in children’s exposure to food advertising.  I hope, however, that this is just the start and that the commitment will continue to be strengthened”, he stated.

The meeting focused on the external evaluation report of the EU Strategy on Nutrition, Overweight and Obesity, five years after its adoption. The report also reviews progress on the implementation of the Audiovisual Media Services Directive (AVMS) adopted in 2007, which calls on Member-States and the EC to encourage codes of conduct on food advertising to children (art. 9.2) and related EU Platform commitments. On the EU Pledge, the report highlights the adoption of common nutrition criteria in 2012 and the ability of the initiative to demonstrate very high compliance rates, as well as a clear reduction in the overall exposure of children to advertising through extensive annual monitoring exercises.

The EU Pledge is a voluntary initiative by leading food and beverage companies to change the way they advertise to children. This is a response from industry leaders to calls made by the EU institutions for the food industry to use commercial communications to support parents in making the right diet and lifestyle choices for their children. The EU Pledge programme is endorsed and supported by the World Federation of Advertisers.
More about the EU Pledge commitment.

Brussels, 12 June 2013: The European Parliament has voted to accept the nomination of Neven Mimica as Croatian Commissioner, as the Union welcomes Croatia as the 28th Member State on the 1 July. Mimica will be serving as Commissioner for Consumer Protection until the European Parliament elections and the designation of a new Commission in 2014.

During his hearing in the IMCO (Internal Market and Consumer Protection) Committee on the 4 June 2013, the Commissioner outlined consolidation, cooperation and communication as the three cornerstones of his programme. He stressed at several points that he will be looking to proceed with implementing existing legislation and working on active dossiers, rather than beginning with new initiatives.
One of Mimica’s priorities will be represented by the claims on cosmetic products. After emphasising the importance of the cooperation between the Commission and the cosmetics industry, the Commissioner mentioned that exact guidelines as to what claims can be used for need to be drawn up and that he will concentrate on this point very soon. Another key focus of Mimica's programme will be to actively and visibly promote European consumer policy by launching information campaigns to better "spread the word". 
Brussels, 27 June 2013: Over 1000 young professionals from 30 countries have received their grades from the second European Advertising Certificate (EAC) exam which took place on 18 April this year.Brussels, 27 June 2013: Over 1000 young professionals from 30 countries have received their grades from the second European Advertising Certificate (EAC) exam which took place on 18 April this year.

The European Advertising Certificate represents an opportunity for agency employees across Europe with up to two years’ industry experience to obtain a foundation-level qualification for members of the European Association of Communications Agencies (EACA).
Candidates completed a 25-30 hour online learning programme followed by a three-hour written examination which took place simultaneously in over 20 countries in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

The Certificate offers the first consistent, European-wide qualification designed to provide young agency personnel with a thorough understanding of the advertising industry and its processes, a comprehensive overview of the brand communication process and to complement their day-to-day on the job experience.

For more information, visit:

The winners of the 2013 EACA Care Awards were announced at the European Parliament on 5 June.  The winning agencies received their awards from Jury Chairman Heinz K. Becker, Member of the European Parliament (EPP, Austria).

Havas Worldwide Helsinki won the Grand Prix at the EACA Care Awards 2013 last night with their “Monsters Campaign” created for A-Clinic Foundation, Fragile Childhood. The campaign aimed to raise awareness among parents about the serious consequences their irresponsible alcohol consumption can have on their child’s life. A hard-hitting campaign told from a child’s point of view, “Monsters” managed to place this issue on the public agenda achieving extensive media coverage around the world. Several governmental and non-governmental bodies around Europe have since requested permission to use the campaign material in their national awareness programs.
Click here for more information.
About the EACA Care Awards
The EACA Care awards are part of the European Association of Communications Agencies’ (EACA) overall commitment to promote Corporate Social Responsibility and are linked to the ACT Responsible online gallery and the ACT Responsible World Tour. For more information, please visit

Registrations are open for tickets to the EACA Euro Effies® Awards Gala Dinner, which will take place on Wednesday 18 September 2013 at Salle de la Madeleine in Brussels.

The EACA Euro Effies® are the Gold Standard in Commercial Communications Effectiveness and recognise excellence in commercial communications for campaigns that have run and can prove effectiveness in at least two European countries.
For more information, please visit our website:

Click here to see the Euro Effies 2013 finalists.

About the EACA Euro Effie Awards
Introduced in 1996 to reward advertising that builds brands across borders, the EURO EFFIES were the first pan-European advertising awards to be judged on the basis of effectiveness.  EFFIE® and EURO EFFIE® are registered trademarks of Effie Worldwide, Inc. and are under license to EACA.  All rights reserved.  Learn more about EFFIE at

IMC European Awards: Call for Entries 

The IMC European Awards are open for entries to national award winners in the 9 member countries which are Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom.

The Awards are managed by the EACA, with the assistance of the Integrated Marketing Communications Council of Europe and with the support of WARC and Adforum. The call for entries for the IMC European Awards 2013 runs from 6th May to 15th July 2013.

To enter the Awards, click here.

About the IMCC

The aim of the IMCC is to act as a central source of information for the industry and to assist in the development of the reputation and professionalism of the industry across Europe by focusing on three key areas:  best practice, lobbying and recognition by way of a reputable Awards competition, ‘The IMC European Awards’.  IMCC members belong to the national associations in 9 European countries: Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Spain and United Kingdom.

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Celebrating the Belgian successes in Cannes 

On 27 June 2013, everyone could discover the most inspiring cases from Cannes, brought by the 8 Belgian Jury members in Antwerp during St Canneke, an initiative to celebrate Belgian Success in Cannes. The event features food & drinks à volonté, and a great evening and with nobody StuBru dj Class, generously sponsored by VAR!

More information can be found at:
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The Croatian Association of Communication Agencies (HURA) and Weekend Media Festival (WMF) have announced the second issue of BalCannes, the marketing event of the year in the Balkan region, during which agencies can present their best practices and work, explore new business opportunities and develop existing business.  The first issue of BalCannes was extremely successful: over 100 projects and 52 agencies from 6 countries in the region were presented to numerous advertisers. This enabled great exchanges of experience and know-how with marketing professionals from across the region.

BalCannes will take place in September during the Weekend Media Festival - the biggest regional communications festival held in Rovinj, a beautiful seaside city in Istria. Although BalCannes is not a competition, 25 of most interesting projects will be presented additionally in main festival hall on the WMF.

Additionally, the organisers of the BalCannes have launched the BalCannes Yellow Pages, a unique database showcasing the best marketing projects and agencies from six countries in the Balkan region in order to offer simple and quick. With BalCannes Yellow Pages, advertisers see how the projects from their sector looked like and establish can easy, fast and free contact with agencies which best fit their needs. BalCannes Yellow Pages will also help agencies to monitor what their competition and colleagues in the region are doing, as well as how certain markets differ in their approach when developing and implementing campaigns.

More information can be found here
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United Kingdom

IPA President unveils ¨ADAPTATHONS¨ 

The creation of hackathon-style events or ‘ADAPTATHONS’™ as they will be termed, was announced by Priest today (20th June 2013) as he launched his programme for his ‘ADAPT’ agenda, during a client-agency panel session at the annual ad festival in Cannes. The first adaptathon will be in the autumn and will focus on ‘Alliances’ between clients and agencies on how to work better together for mutual gain.
The IPA will be holding five of these across the next 18 months, working in partnership with the experience agency Imagination, looking in depth at each of the themes that form the acronym ADAPT (Alliances, Diversification, Agility, Profit and Talent) exploring new areas of best practice to achieve greater commercial creativity from an evolving advertising industry.

More information can be found here.


How to invest in Advertising 

New research by the IPA examines the business effects of 1,000 ad campaigns from over 30 years of IPA Effectiveness data and challenges the recent trend in advertising to focus on building loyal relationships with customers.

This publication is the eagerly anticipated update of Marketing in the Era of Accountability. It reveals vital, never before published research, which is key for agencies in planning and advising their clients when examining the impact of timescales of effect, exploring the tension between long and short-term strategies for brands and businesses.

The IPA Databank, now in its 32nd year, continues to support ground-breaking research into effectiveness. Authors Les Binet, Head of Effectiveness at adam&eve DDB and Marketing Consultant Peter Field return to explore a vital new area: how campaign results develop over time. An issue previously identified but one which they were unable to delve deeply into for lack of sufficient data.
More information can be found here.  

Langland and McCann Health China win ¨Best of Show¨ Awards

Langland and McCann Health China were awarded the prestigious ‘Best of Show’ awards at the 2013 IPA Best of Health Awards, held last night (27th June 2013) at Vinopolis in London.

The Best of Health Awards showcase and reward the best in creativity in healthcare across all media. With 404 submissions entered into this year’s Awards, five won Gold, showing the high quality of entries this year. Furthermore, 22 won Silver, 59 were awarded Bronze and Special Prizes were awarded for Young Talent and Best Use of Photography, Copywriting, Illustration, and Art Direction.

Langland was awarded ‘Best of Show’ for advertising to healthcare professionals for its ‘True Cost’ press campaign, advertising the drug Sativex for Bayer. The campaign powerfully depicts MS patients needing assistance to complete every day tasks, demonstrating the true cost of spasticity to sufferers is their independence.

McCann Health China was awarded ‘Best of Show’ for advertising to consumers. Their ‘Blood Can Do More’ campaign for the Shanghai Blood Administration Office, was submitted to the Integrated Idea category. This new category, introduced last year, asks entrants to demonstrate innovation in their solution to a communications brief through insight into the choice of channels used. The winning campaign used print, social, experiential and interactive activities to encourage blood donations and successfully communicated that giving blood represents more than saving lives. A traditional Chinese papercut design was used on all media, depicting how important each drop of blood is. All print media also contained a QR code which, once scanned, directed viewers to their nearest blood donation centres. Further activity included hosting an event on World Blood Donor day, where mobile blood clinics encouraged donations and successful donors could share their experience across social media, increasing awareness of the campaign.

The IPA would like to thank Best of Health judge Charles Gumbs and Swordfish Advertising for designing the Best of Health Awards Supplement and ColourPoint for generously printing all copies.

Full details about the winners, including the creative work, can be seen at:   

New EDAA President

Brussels, 3 July 2013: The EDAA is pleased to announce the election of Nick Stringer as its new Chairman. Stringer, who is Director of Regulatory Affairs at IAB UK and Vice-Chair of IAB Europe’s policy committee, was elected unanimously by the EDAA board on 26 June 2013.

Commenting on his appointment, Stringer said:

“As the administrator of the European Self-Regulatory Programme for Online Behavioural Advertising, the EDAA works for the benefit of consumers, and demonstrates the proactive and responsible approach of the entire EU digital advertising sector. I look forward to progressing the EDAA's work to help businesses deliver transparency and consumer control.”

Stringer takes up his new role at a critical point for the EDAA, which has just kicked off an awareness raising campaign to help European consumers to better understand online behavioural advertising and what it means for them.

Nick Stringer replaces Alain Heureux, who served as Chairman from EDAA’s inception in April 2012 and played a central role in its initial development.


EDAA rolls out pan-European consumer education campaign on OBA

Brussels, 13 June 2013: The European In
teractive Digital 
Advertising Alliance (EDAA) has launched the fir
st phase of its pan-European consumer awareness campaign today in the UK – with the aim of providing information about online
 behavioural advertising (OBA), or interest based advertising, to empower internet users across Europe.   
This “Unzipped” campaign, funded and coordinated by EDAA with the support of IAB Europe and its  local members, will help to raise consumer awareness of the OBA icon, as well as increasing consumer understanding and choice when it comes to OBA.

The campaign ads feature a zip that opens to reveal the blue, EDAA licensed, OBA icon. By clicking on the ads, consumers are taken to where, in clear, user-friendly language, they can find out about their online ad choices, how online advertising is used to support the sites and services they use and how they can safeguard their privacy.
The education campaign is part of the wider European self-regulatory programme on OBA: a cross-industry standard for OBA which promotes transparency, choice and control for consumers and is enforced by national advertising self-regulatory organisations.

Dominic Lyle, the Director-General of EACA who, together with Jon Chase of Velvet Rock Communications, helped to co-ordinate the campaign for the EDAA, remarked “The launch is the result of a great deal of effort from all sectors of the European online advertising ecosystem, involving representative associations at both EU and national level, as well as the direct involvement of companies providing substantial amounts of inventory to ensure the campaign reaches a significant audience across Europe”.

The campaign, which has been designed by Mediacom Beyond Advertising, is based on a concept developed by a team of students at KH Leuven, Belgium, who were finalists in the Ad Venture student competition run by EACA (European Association of Communications Agencies).

More information can be found on the EDAA website:


Marketing outlook healthy despite Europe budget dip

London, June 20th 2013: Marketers continue to be confident in the state of the industry, according to the latest data from Warc’s Global Marketing Index. Globally, marketing budgets were increased in June (54.3) but there were regional variations on this index.

Marketers in the Americas continue to be the most optimistic, on 56.3, followed by Asia Pacific on 55.5 – the region’s highest reading since the index began – but Europe slipped further to 48.3, representing a second month of decline.

Warc's Global Marketing Index is produced in association with World Economics.
Global adspend forecast downgraded to 3.4% growth in 2013

The latest Consensus Ad Forecast from Warc, the marketing intelligence service, indicates that global advertising spend will increase by 3.4% in 2013, a downgrade of –0.6pp from the previous forecast in January. Adspend is expected to pick up next year with growth of 5.4%.

Warc’s Consensus Ad Forecast is based on a weighted average of adspend predictions at current prices from ad agencies, media monitoring companies, analysts, Warc’s own team and other industry bodies.

Of the 13 markets covered in the report, nine are forecast to register adspend growth in 2013. With the exception of Australia and Japan, predictions for all countries have been cut since January.

Click here for the full press release


Webit Congress is the leading event for the digital, technology & telco markets in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia, which last year gathered over 6200 delegates from 72 countries. With 187 world class speakers, creating a congress agenda of over 105 hours, the Congress is the biggest educational forum on all things digital in EMEA.

Book your seat now and experience:

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