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Between 22 and 25 May 2014, European Union citizens will elect their representatives in the European Parliament.
751 Members of the European Parliament will be mandated to represent over 500 million citizens in 28 member states. The seats are allocated among the various states, by the EU treaties, on the basis of 'degressive proportionality', meaning countries with larger populations have more seats than smaller ones but the latter have more seats than strict proportionality would imply.
In preparation for the event, the European Parliament launched an institutional information campaign, the so called “Act, React, Impact”, which will end on May 25, the last day of the elections.  The last phase of the campaign, named “Go to Vote”, aims at ensuring a larger participation in this year’s elections.
At the same time, over the last 18 months, the European Commission has held over 50 Citizens’ Dialogues across Europe, aimed at restoring trust in European and national institutions, informing people about what the EU does, and making them aware their voice counts.
More information on the European Parliament elections can be found here

Brussels, 9 April 2014: The European Commission hosted the 14th European Alcohol and Health Forum (EAHF) of which EACA is a founder member. Chaired by John F. Ryan, Acting Director for Public Health, Directorate General for Health and Consumers, the meeting focused on:
  • updates from the European Commission, including information on the Action Plan on youth and heavy episodic drinking
  • research and funding concerning alcohol- related harm.
The Chair informed of the progress made by the Committee on National Alcohol Policy and Action (CNAPA) in the preparation of the Action Plan on youth and binge drinking which will form a voluntary initiative. The following six areas for action of the Action Plan are considered:
  • Reduce heavy episodic drinking (binge drinking)
  • Reduce availability and accessibility of alcoholic beverages to youth,
  • Limit the exposure of youth to marketing and advertising,
  • Protect the unborn child,
  • Ensure a healthy and safe environment for children and young people,
  • Monitor and increase research
For more information on the EAHF, please check the following link

Protecting Children Against Misleading Advertising

Brussels, 7 April 2014:  the European Commission published a report concerning the implementation of the European Union’s Consumer Agenda. The report measures progress across the areas of consumer product safety, individuals’ awareness of their consumer rights and enforcement of existing rules.

  • one of the sections focuses on “Protecting children from misleading advertising” and raises questions on child protection on mobile applications, online games and social network sites, since these typically mix together entertainment, information and advertising elements;
  • the report promotes further investigation of alcohol advertising on social media websites and other websites for children.
According to the report, the intention of the Commission is to determine the extent to which parents are aware of children’s online activity in the context of marketing techniques that targeting them. A decision is to be made on whether further regulation or self-regulation is needed to assist children as consumers in the online sector.
More information can be found here

New European Commission Calls for Tender for Communications Agencies 
The European Commission has published new calls for tender in its recently launched digital system under the auspices of Directorate General for Communication. Current calls of relevance to the communications sector such as:

  • Initiatives to teach young people about the European Union: In order to impart the spirit of European integration to young people and familiarise them with the milestones of EU history, the departments of the Commission wish to set up new communication initiatives aimed at young people. The objective of this invitation to tender is for the departments of the Commission to be supplied with a contract with a single contractor for the provision of a number of services relating to the design, completion and follow-up of entertaining and informative communication activities aimed at young people and those who supervise them.
  • Online video advertising: preparation and implementation of online advertising campaigns to promote audiovisual material and online platforms (i.e. websites, social media) containing audiovisual material, in one or several European Union Member States.
 For more information and to see the full list of calls for tenders, please click here.  
Barcelona, 9 May 2014: Four students from Bournemouth University in the United Kingdom won the 7th Ad Venture Student Competition with a campaign designed to raise awareness about European opportunities that help youngsters get a first work experience. The competition is organised by the European Association of Communications Agencies (EACA) through its European Institute for Commercial Communications Education (edcom).
The Fellow team, represented by Laura Merchan, Florence Evans, Marta Cowburn and Cameron Black competed against 90 other teams from 14 countries answering a brief developed in collaboration with the European Commission’s Directorate General Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion. This year, students were offered the chance to get inspired by AdForum’s Creative Library, which contains over 150,000 award-winning advertisements produced worldwide, through a partnership between edcom and AdForum.
More information can be found here.
Download the Ad Venture Student Competition 2014 Brochure

Brussels, 10 April 2014: For the third time since its launch in 2012, almost 230 young professionals from the European Association of Communications Agencies (EACA) member agencies across Europe, Middle East and Africa had the chance to obtain the European Advertising Certificate (EAC), a foundation-level qualification for ambitious new starters with up to two year’s industry experience.

The young professionals from nearly 30 nations completed a 25-30 hour online learning programme providing a thorough understanding of the advertising industry and its processes . This is then followed by a three-hour written examination organised by the EACA together with its national advertising associations. The exam took place today simultaneously all over Europe, Middle East and Africa.

"Since its launch 3 years ago, nearly 1000 junior agency practitioners have taken the EAC qualification. I am pleased to see that new starters are willing to face this challenge and have an interest in getting trained. The EAC Certificate is well on the way to becoming the benchmark qualification for young professionals across the industry" said Dominic Lyle, Director General.
For more information, visit: 

EACA International Summer School for Academics
Brussels, 2 May 2014: Registrations are open for the second EACA International Summer School for Academics to take place at AKQA in Berlin on 27-29 August 2014.
The Summer School invites academics from all over Europe to attend a three-day training and development course, involving hands-on workshops and interactive discussions. The intensive programme includes presentations given by leading agency practitioners & trainers from the EACA International School, Paul Arnold, Dietmar Dahmen and Siobhan Stanley.
Academics interested in the field of communications will have the opportunity to learn and practice skills that are directly transferable to the teaching environment and will be part of a forum in which they interact and learn from advertising practitioners and academics from other countries.
Deadline for registrations: 30 May 2014. Find out more!

The EACA Euro Effie Awards Gala 2014 will take place on 17 September in Brussels. The annual Euro Effies Awards Gala is an occasion for winning agencies and advertisers to be rewarded for their successful campaigns in communications effectiveness. The evening will be attended by agencies, advertisers, media and sponsors from across Europe to celebrate the best of Commercial Communications Effectiveness.

The call for entries is now closed and the judging process will begin on 28 May. The second round jury will meet in Brussels on 27 June, chaired by Geoff Seeley, Global Communications Planning Director at Unilever, to decide this year’s winners.

The EACA Euro Effies are the Gold Standard in Commercial Communications Effectiveness and recognise excellence in commercial communications for campaigns that have run and can prove effectiveness in at least two European countries.

For more information on the Awards, please visit:   
Find the Euro Effies on Facebook for all updates:
New York, 22 April 2014:  The World Economic Forum and Effie Worldwide have collaborated to influence marketers to drive consumers toward more sustainable choices. The Positive Change Effie Award was born from discussion of the Engaging Tomorrow’s Consumer project at the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting in Davos in 2013. Business leaders recognized the opportunity to help bridge the gap between the intentions and actions of consumers when it comes to sustainability by rewarding brands for making sustainability a greater priority in their marketing programs.
Effie Worldwide is known globally for championing the practice and practitioners of marketing effectiveness through the Effie Awards, the Effie Effectiveness Index and other initiatives. The Positive Change Effie Award will recognize and celebrate the most effective marketing programs that have measurably shifted consumer behaviour toward more sustainable choices, and/or grown demand for more sustainable products and services by incorporating sustainability* as a part of their marketing communications.
For the full press release, please click here.
Brussels, 5 May 2014: The European Association of Communications Agencies (EACA) and the Integrated Marketing Communications Council of Europe (IMCC) have announced the call for entries for the 2014 IMC European Awards for Integrated Marketing Communications.
The IMC European Awards are open to national award winners of the 8 member countries of IMCC: Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom. Entries from the Netherlands are also eligible to enter the Awards as the jury chair, Renate Vogt, Owner of Friends4You, represents the country on the IMC European Awards jury. An international category accepts entries from countries outside Europe.
The Awards are managed by the EACA, with the assistance of the Integrated Marketing Communications Council of Europe and with the support of WARC and Adforum. The call for entries for the IMC European Awards 2014 runs from 5 May to 14 July 2014. Finalists will be announced in October on the dedicated IMCC website
Entries will be judged online by a panel of 60 senior industry European representatives. Judging will take place from 28 July to 1 September 2014.
Click here to register for the IMC European Awards 2014.
For further information, please contact:
Nathalie Shammah, Communications & Events Manager,
The newly launched EACA job finder which is available on, is open for agencies to register for a 6-month free trial. After the trial period, an annual fee of € 495 will be charged for unlimited usage.
This platform serves as a dedicated exchange for jobs in commercial communications. Agencies looking to recruit across Europe can simply post their job vacancies on the platform helping them with the recruitment process and in the long-run creating an online employer/job seeker community for our industry across Europe.
How does this benefit agencies?
1.    High visibility of job vacancy within our industry in Europe
2.     Faster recruitment process
3.     Browse through CVs to find ideal candidates
4.     Unlimited vacancy posts
For more information, please contact:           
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Agencies and advertisers are committed to growing calls for virtuous offers

Paris, 14 April 2014: The main associations of the French advertising sector - AACC (Association of French Advertising Agencies), CDA (Association Design Council), ANAé (Association of event communication agencies), Syntec Public Relations Council, the UDECAM (Union of Business Consulting and Media Buying) - and UDA (the French Union of Advertisers), officially launched "La belle competition", a charter for pitches.

The associations aim to lead the French communications industry towards a better framework for the agency pitch process, based on transparency, responsibility and sincerity.
More information can be found on the website

Silver Mercury Festival is open for registrations

One of the most prestigious advertising & marketing festivals in Russia and in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), the Silver Mercury Festival is open for registrations.
The Festival was launched in 2001 under the patronage of the Russian Association of Marketing Services (RAMS) and supported by the Marketing Agencies Association Worldwide (MAAW).

In 2014, the Festival returns with new events and a fresh and unique look designed by the Direct Design Visual Branding (DDVB) agency. President of the festival, Mikhail Simonov, said: “Our insight is that advertising and marketing appeal to all five senses, and Creatives from DDVB used this to create the Festival’s new identity”.

The entry deadline is on 16 May 2014. Entry kits and all other information can be found online at
The Silver Mercury Festival also hosts the Young Mercury Awards targeted to students and graduates between the ages of 18 and 25. For more information on this, please click here.
The Festival is supported by industry organizations in Europe, Russia & CIS, such as the  European Association of Communications Agencies (EACA), the Russian Association of Communications Agencies (RACA) and the Global Association for marketing at retail (POPAI), to name a few.
Further more information:; tel: +7 (985) 850-33-90.
Official representative of Silver Mercury Awards in Ukraine: Ukranian Advertising Coalition (UAC),
United Kingdom

IPA Best of Health Awards 2014 judges announced
London, 23 April 2014: The IPA Media Owner Awards has returned for a fourth year, designed to showcase best practice from online media owners, with the aim of raising the digital standard in general. The winners are announced at a dazzling awards ceremony and dinner in November.

There will be 16 awards in total. Eight awards will be based on findings of the IPA’s Online Media Owner Survey (a combination of spring, autumn and year-on-year results), and eight awards will be submission based.

 If you think a winning trophy can be yours or to nominate a person or campaign, then the deadline for entry is 6th June 2014. Full entry criteria and further details are now available at
More information can be found here
United Kingdom

Q1 2014 Bellwether Report: largest ever upward revision to marketing budgets

SLondon, 17 April 2014: The Q1 2014 IPA Bellwether Report reveals the record largest single upwards revision to marketing budgets in 14 years of data collection.
The Survey comes amid reports that sustained sales growth and rising incomes have continued to support financial prospects, both within companies and across industries. The latest survey also marks the sixth successive quarter that marketing budgets have been revised up and rounds off a positive 2013/14 financial year which saw budgets increased to the greatest degree for seven years.
The report can be found here.
United Kingdom

The New Britain - how to advertise to BMEs
London, 8 April 2014: Britain is more culturally diverse than ever before – and the time has come for marketers to take full advantage of the opportunities presented by a growing black and minority ethnic (BME) population, a report published today (8th April 2014) by the IPA suggests.
The New Britain, an in-depth look at the implications of the country’s changing demographic, says many major advertisers are still struggling when it comes to communicating within an increasingly ethnically diverse society.
This is at a time when the UK’s minority ethnic population has grown to more than eight million. That’s nearly 13 per cent of the total.
What’s more, BME groups in this country will be twice as large in 30 years’ time (2045) as they are today, according to forecasts. And they are also changing with Poles, Romanians, Lithuanians, Arabs, Chinese and Filipinos adding to a settled Afro-Caribbean and Asian population. One-in-four new babies born in England and Wales now has a foreign-born mother.
More information can be found here
On Tuesday June 17, during the Cannes Lions
Festival, Copy Academy - an initiative of Ulbe Jelluma and Philip Maes to boost creativity with internationally awarded creatives sharing their knowledge with ambitious copywriters - will line up the best, multi-awarded creative people.

These great speakers - every single one has won one or more Lions - will share how they eat, drink and breathe radio during an exclusive Radio Master Class. The one-day event offers one hundred young, ambitious copywriters the unique opportunity to look inside the brains of world’s best creatives, from hotspots like New York, Sydney, Munich, Johannesburg and Chicago.
To find out more and register, please click here.  

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