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EACA Newsletter

November 2012

EU & Politics 

Sexualisation of Girls

The own initiative report on sexualisation of girls (rapporteur: Joanna Katarzyna Skrzydlewska), initially scheduled for adoption in the FEMM committee meeting on the 19th of September 2012, has been finally rejected on 10 October. In its explanatory statement, the report refered to sexualisation of girls as a potential effect of advertising, and reads that “the image of women created in advertising is a distorted one, which results in gender stereotypes becoming entrenched in society.” One of the examples given refers to the use of young models in ads for adult clothing. This can result in young women being perceived as grown women and may lead to “the objectification of the female body, reinforcement of female stereotypes, and also incitement for small girls to be treated as objects of male desire”.


Protecting Children in the Digital World

Brussels, 19 September 2012: The adoption of the draft report ‘Protecting children in the digital world’ (rapporteur: Silvia Costa), initially scheduled for the 19 September, has been postponed until the next CULT committee meeting on the 9th of October.
The report raises the issue of the fast-paced digital media developments which give easy access to content that may be unsuitable, illegal or harmful to the development of minors who lack awareness, protection and control, particularly when they are online. The report proposes forging an educational alliance between family, school and society to help children be fully informed and aware of the risks that the digital world can expose them to and ensure that they are properly protected when using the internet and new media.
At the same time, the draft text distinguishes between illegal content such as soliciting (viewed as a crime), child pornography, the violation of privacy, online gambling, commercial fraud, as well as conduct to which children can fall victims on a daily basis such as cyber bullying and sexting, inappropriate advertising, violence, sex etc.

Discussion in Committee meeting in October 2012
Next steps: Vote in the plenary on 19 November 2012
The draft report can be found here

EACA & National News

New AdVenture Competition launched
Brussels, October 2012: The European Association of Communications Agencies (EACA) and its European Institute for Commercial Communications Education (edcom) have launched the call for entries for the sixth annual advertising student competition, AdVenture, in collaboration with the European Commission’s Directorate for General Health and Consumers (DG SANCO) and the European Alcohol Policy Alliance (EUROCARE).
Students across Europe and beyond are challenged to create a pan-European campaign to raise awareness about the risks of binge drinking among people aged 16-25.
The focus should be on the importance of making the target group aware that binge drinking has negative consequences on an individual’s health and social well-being and that drinking less is key. The overall objective is to increase awareness of alcohol harm and to convince the target audience to drink less alcohol.

The AdVenture competition website includes the new brief and previous years’ competitions.


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Protecting Children in the Digital World
Sexualisation of Girls
New AdVenture Competition

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