New Intersect CEO; the eResearch Revolution; Member Value Reports; CareTrack Kids starts; AURIN looks at health data; Training; Professor Mackenzie joins Board; Appointments.
Marc Bailey, new CEO of Intersect

Marc Bailey at the Intersect Showcase 2014 with, (left to right), Chris Hancock, Luc Betbeder-Matibet, Andrew Powe, Phil McCrea and Kerry Holling.

Intersect’s Board has appointed Marc Bailey to the position of CEO effective 1 May 2015.

Chairman of the Intersect Board, Emeritus Professor Mark Wainwright AM, said, “Marc’s appointment positions Intersect strongly for the next phase of its development: providing operational excellence and researcher focus across new product and service offerings”.

Marc Bailey joined Intersect as Chief Operating Officer in April 2014 from his role as CIO at Macquarie University. A former Director of Intersect, he has served as Director and Treasurer of the Australian Access Federation Inc., Director of AARNET Pty Ltd, as NSW and ACT chair of the Council of Australian University Directors of Information Technology.

"The next few years require an even more intimate and transparent partnership with members and customers. We'll look to sustain and improve research returns on earlier investment in Space and Time assets, grow our traditional software and consulting projects and develop emerging data science activities" said Bailey. 

"It's very personally fulfilling to be offered the opportunity to serve as Intersect's CEO and lead such an exceptional and motivated team. I'm excited about being all-in for Australian researchers." More of Marc's profile here.
Member Value Reports

As a member-based organisation, it is important for Intersect to communicate its value to members on an ongoing basis. We've taken a fresh look at how we report value and offered a more empirical, quantifiable take on the year gone by. Our new methodology highlights direct translation from activity to value that offers increased relevance to members.


Each new Member Value Report focuses on both those services that can be reliably costed (eg. high performance computing, data storage, training, software engineering) and those services that do not easily lend themselves to costing (eg. advice to researchers, assistance with grant applications, workshops and leveraging of Government funds).

The objective is to provide a comprehensive picture of Intersect's engagement with each member.  The Reports for 2014 have been distributed to members as a basis for review and discussion on future directions.

CareTrack Kids project starts

"Newborn Examination 1967" by Nevit Dilmen. CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Development work is about to commence on CareTrack Kids which is a follow-on project from the Caretrack Australia system developed by Intersect in 2011. The original was developed to aid a research team track medical records of participants with known medical conditions across multiple health care providers, analysing care and treatment.

Now the same team has turned its attention to the field of paediatrics and Intersect is helping by building a system that fits that purpose.
The Caretrack Kids system will extend the original Caretrack Australia application for use by the Australian Institute for Health Innovation at Macquarie University. A new module for adverse events will be added to the existing platform to sit alongside the conditions/ indicators section.

It is expected the project will be deployed in June. 

AURIN Urban Health Data Project up and running

Intersect has commenced work on a project to develop connectivity between AURIN, NECTAR and RDSI e-infrastructure with a focus on health data. Health data is of great interest to the urban research policy and decision-making community. This project will bring medical research data as well as health data available from the National Health Services Directory into the AURIN Workbench.
The project will draw upon the recently funded Australian National Medical Research Data Storage Facility and will look at the potential for making a subset of this data available via the AURIN Workbench through connecting it to the AURIN geo-classification hierarchy.
This will be managed by Intersect in association with UNSW City Futures Research Centre and will utilise NECTAR and RDSI infrastructure developed and maintained by Intersect.

It is expected the project will be deployed in late July making data available to urban researchers, policy and decision-makers via the AURIN online Workbench. 


The eResearch Revolution

In May 2015 the Cooperative Research Centres Program celebrates 25 years of innovation and looks forward to the next 25 years. 

As part of the program Intersect’s Ian Gibson and ANDS’ Ross Wilkinson will present a joint workshop, the eResearch Revolution. The program notes, "
eResearch enhances existing research processes, making them more efficient and effective. It also enables new kinds of research processes and potentially makes data available to multiple users. Imagine a future where anyone in the world could analyse or reanalyse your data. Should we be excited or nervous?".

The registration deadline is 8 May. More at

The University of Western Sydney is hosting DH2015, the international Digital Humanities conference in June-July 2015 and is keen to see a strong local presence. This is the first time the conference is being held outside of the EU/US, and demonstrates Australia's growing maturity in the digital humanities.
Intersect's work is represented in a range of workshops, presentations and posters. This session looks good: Social Media Data: Twitter Scraping on NeCTAR with University of Sydney's Jonathon Hutchinson and
Fiona Martin, and Intersect's Jeremy Hammond.

Registration and accommodation bookings at

Intersect Training

The following training courses will occur in the near future:
- 12 May 2015: "Excel Fu: Excel For Researchers" at UWS. Enrol now
- 14 May 2015: "Introduction to Unix for HPC" at UWS. Enrol now
- 20 May 2015: "Cleaning/Exploring your Data with Open Refine" at UWS. Enrol now
- 20 May 2015: "Data Visualisation - Google Fusion Tables" at UWS. Enrol now
- 4 Jun 2015: "Intermediate HPC" at UWS. Enrol now
- 17 Jun 2015: "Excel Fu: Excel For Researchers" at UWS. Enrol now
- 29 Jun 2015: "Excel Fu: Excel For Researchers" at UTS. Enrol now
- 30 June 2015: "Excel Fu" at Macquarie University. Enrol now
- 2 July 2015: "Open Refine" at Macquarie University. Enrol now 
- 6 July 2015: "Introduction to Unix for HPC" at UTS. 
Enrol now 
- 7 July 2015: "Excel Fu" at Macquarie University.
Enrol now

For more information, see


New Board Member

Professor Geraldine Mackenzie, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) of Southern Cross University has joined the Intersect Board.  
Professor Mackenzie, LLB(QIT), LLM(QUT), PhD(UNSW), is also a Barrister at Law, a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Law, a Fellow of the Queensland Academy of Arts and Sciences and a Member of the American and the International Bar Association. Intersect Board profiles can be viewed here.

The Chair, Board members and the executive would like to extend their thanks to retiring Board Members Anne Bell and JoAnne Sparks.

eResearch Analyst for ACU

We welcome Dr Ghulam Murtaza as Intersect’s eResearch Analyst based at the Australian Catholic University in Melbourne. Ghulam has worked as a research assistant at the MARCS Institute at the University of Western Sydney and also at the Networks Research Lab at UNSW.

All the eResearch Analyst's profiles can be viewed here.
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