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Is it Okay to be Rich?
     Last Sunday we started on our theme of Prosperity.  We meditated on it.  We talked about it.  We had our first Spiritual Economics Class.  And we also took signups for our Unexpected Income Program.
     But while it's easy enough to say "change your thinking and your life will change,"  and easy to explain why and how and give examples... It's another thing to actually do it.  Why do our old habits of thinking stick around even when we wish they wouldn't?
     The pomp and extravagance of Queen Elizabeth's funeral struck some people as absolutely magnificent, while others scratched their heads wondering - why on earth the British would do that?  Here in America, many of us are still under the subtle influence of the "waste not, want not" attitude that entered our culture during the hard times that our ancestors and/or predecessors faced.
     The good news is the thrifty attitude is a practical attitude that has helped our nation thrive economically, but on the other hand - the dislike of "wastefulness" has also encouraged the widespread  feeling of "unworthiness" - as in "I don't deserve to be wealthy" or "money is the root of all evil."
     When you say those negative pronouncements out loud, you can easily recognize they are not true. It's obvious that some rich people are corrupt, selfish, and greedy - but others are honest, generous, and love to see other people prosper along with them.
      When you take a forthright, honest look at your thoughts and decide to change them it's not so hard to do.  It's when we don't examine our thoughts and the underlying reasons for our thoughts that they can become obstacles interfering with our ability to make progress.
     So the answer is... Yes, it's okay to be rich!  But it's not okay to be corrupt, selfish, or greedy.  In fact, true, lasting prosperity comes about when we begin to live in harmony with the world.  When we are centered in the Peace, and feeling our Oneness with the Universe, then as the Quakers put it, we can engage in "right sharing" of the resources of the world.  This is a Universe of Abundance, consider the lilies of the field - and know and understand that your birthright is abundance also.

     Peace and Prosperity to All...

     Rev. Kate DuVivier
Class 2 of Spiritual Economics is this Sunday:

     It's not too late to join our 6 week class on Spiritual Economics.    What do people worry about most?  MONEY!  Join us for a refresher on the spiritual truth about money, which is God in action.  (And God is always acting in my life.). We live in an opulent Universe, with Affluence - an abundant flow.  Abundance is here for the asking and receiving. God is the Allness of ever-present substance in which we live, move, and have our being.  And we will have fun while we explore how to say "Yes!" to Good
     See you Sunday!
     Rev. Maurene Bishop


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Help Wanted - Do you know a reliable and kind person who would be interested in providing child care and leading simple craft projects for children who come with their parents on Sundays?  Please let us know if you think of someone.

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Life is Eternal: 
By Practitioner Bené Raphael
As an eternal being, we are an individualized center in the consciousness of God.  Life is an eternal adventure.  All the good there is comes to us as we release anything that is opposite to it.  When we open our consciousness to receive all that is inherently ours to have, we are in complete alignment with the divine presence that is always in action.
Abundance Meditation #2: 
From Spiritual Economics, by Eric Butterworth (p.71)
When you pray for prosperity, your faith does not magically create bags of gold at your feet.  This is not the way of divine law.  Actually, your faith has already been involved in your condition, as with a turned-down thermostat.  You may have been believing in lack, and thus you have experienced lack.  As you recenter your thought in the awareness of abundance, you turn up the thermostat, as it were, and become more synchronized with the process of eternal substance, which then flows forth in your experience in perfectly natural ways: increases in salary, higher investment returns, and other improvements.
Abundance is an ever present reality.

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God is All, both visible and invisible.
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This One that is All is Perfect Love and Perfect Abundance.
I am an individualized expression of God;
I am ever one with this Perfect Life, Perfect Love and Perfect Abundance.
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