A Pea Master in Roanoke Waiting for a Pea Shooting Championship!
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A Pea Master Waiting for His Championship. In Roanoke, VA!

For over 40 years, England has hosted the World Pea Shooting Championship. But until now, pea shooting has been a non-entity in the USA.

Well that's what we thought! 

On Saturday, October 11, Roanoke VA hosts the first ever 
National Pea Shooting Championship (NPSC), presented by the National Pea Shooting Association (NPSA).

After announcing that 16 West Marketplace, in downtown Roanoke, had opened a Pop-Up Pea Shooting Practice Range for NPSC contestants to develop their skills, along comes James Rosar.

We knew something unexpected was happening when Mr. Rosar promptly placed his "pea sorter" on the shooting range counter - a devise that separates peas according to their diameter.


But then Mr. Rosar brought out his dial caliper and 3 brass pea shooters from 1974 of differing diameters!

It turns out that Mr. Rosar, from Long Island, and now a Roanoke resident has been pea shooting since childhood. He recalls many occasions as a child on road trips, sitting in the back seat with the windows down "firing peas at road signs as they pass".

Will he become the National Pea Shooting Champion on October 11? It does seem very possible. But who knows, perhaps there are other Pea Masters in Roanoke that haven't yet made their presence known!


 "It’s more skillful than something like archery because you have inconsistencies with the peas.”
Ian Ashmeade, former World Pea Shooting Champion

“Probably one of the simplest sports available, participants place the pea shooter (similar to a drinking straw) to their lips and blow as hard as they can, aiming to shoot the pea at a chosen target.”
The Independent Newspaper, London, England


The National Pea Shooting Championship takes place in downtown Roanoke on Franklin Road, between Jefferson Street and Williamson Road – and is a main attraction of the Virginia Science Festival, occurring the same day.

The championship is open to men and women, boys and girls, from ages five and up. At the end of the championship one person will emerge as the National Pea Shooting Champion. 
  • And until October 4 every registrant receives a COMET pea shooter (the official pea shooter of the World Pea Shooting Championship) for free! 

National Pea Shooting Championship
Saturday, October 11
10 am - 4 pm
Franklin Road
Between Jefferson Ave and Williamson Road,
Roanoke VA 24011

Complete directions and rules for the NPSC at

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